A more helpful way to speed things up!


I know we have timers as high as 12 Hours, but now that we are getting into things taking over a month to build. Is there any way to create some timers for a full day and week?


not gonna happen. PG wants to drag out things as
long as possible, to ‘encourage’ you to spend money/rubies on more speed-ups. If it won’t make
players spend, it won’t happen.


Besides if they did give us longer timers, they would make the next jump in build times proportionally as long.

PG POST ON FORUMS: “Good news, we are now introducing 7day clocks! this is a great addition and will significantly help you build a base faster!”

PG employees talking to themselves immediately after posting that: “Little do those suckers know that the level 56 tower is going to take 3.2 years to complete! suckers! All we did was make it so their 12hr clocks are now useless! we are brilliant! THINK OF ALL THE MONEY WILL MAKE!!! MUAHAHAHAHHA”

So be careful what you wish for.


I talked about build times here. Feel free to read and add your ideas here. I’m trying to ban together ideas to see if pg will take on some of them if they are good enough!


We have been trying to get them to introduce scaling for a while… They dont seem too interested in the idea.


Keep trying. I want to be as influential as Red is one day. Hopefully they will implement someof my ideas as I really think they would help make the game better. We just have to keep going. If anything, I find it to be entertaining to come up with fixes for struggles within the game. Don’t lose hope!


Oh my hope is long gone…They have barely commented on it the multiples times we have brought up the scaling idea… But i will gladly continue to support you in your fight. :slight_smile:


I believe they see it… /hope. Either way getting together and organizing our ideas is the best thing to do before making them listen… If it comes to that. I just hope they are taking notes and choosing not to tell us of these promising changes as they usually do with everything! Lookin at you pG people!



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