A New additions to spring season?

Good morning,

I was wondering if there was going to be any new additions to the spring season to spend sigils on?

I don’t think so…

Kirin was released late, I expect the same this season.

Why? Does Chinese New Years come more than once a year?

PG specifically said there would not be additional content including dragons and specifically said they would not repeat what happened with Kirin.

Not that I expect anything to be 100%. PG changes their minds sometimes. But I doubt you will see any additional content

They confirmed at start of season there would be no late/unexpected releases.

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I see. Well if it means $$, it may come more than once a year in WD.

Have 30k sigils, I’m sure many others have way more so would be nice to see another release.

Well certainly there isn’t much benefit to spending any of them before the last few days.

(Not unless you want to race to level them)

Usually the choice which results in the most options is the best choice, but I am fairly sure you won’t see anymore dragons this season.



Perhaps a little race between @TheRedDelilah and @ModMat


Agree. I’m rooting for you, Red!

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Confuses me why some people on these forums seem to take delight in finding posts like these and being rude or making fun of the poster.
Clearly they don’t visit the forums regularly so haven’t seen. Could they have searched? Yes probably but they didn’t.
Just let them know. No need for responses like that. It’s like you are trying to make fun of them. They haven’t done anything majorly offensive or nasty. They aren’t stupid. They don’t need the caps to be able to read. Getting to a point people are going to be scared of posting.


Lol ur upset about a comment in caps?..get off ur morale high horse no one was made fun of

Upset? Yeah course sat here crying over it.
You don’t agree? That’s fine. I can cope with that without resorting to that kind of response.
I wasn’t just talking about caps. I was referring to the general response on these forums every time something is posted that the ‘regulars’ don’t agree with or shouldn’t be posted.
And if we have different levels of morals then I certainly don’t take that as an insult as it was intended.


So… as the post owner… I feel like I need to be more specific as since I’ve read peoples comments, I see that nearly all haven’t understood my agenda…

Agenda: I completely maxed (100%) of spring season event rewards in the first month… therefore I’ve now been accumulating sigils for nothing, so the answer for two peoples posts, I’m not saving them, I’m forced not to spend them. Considering also I’m not even partially on my way to being categorised as a baby whale, there will be maybe 1000 people out there also with the same issue that rushed the season and are overwhelmed with sigils.

This above is the reason I asked whether PG will introduce another way for us to spend our sigils besides the 2 gold chests for 500 sigils… ( not exactly fair, let’s face it).

I noticed in this forum that some individuals were like parrots and literally pasted PG’s remarks about not having any additional material in this season. I read that, the people that posted the information clearly read that, and anyone else with line app, associated to forums, and associated to the game in general also probably read that. I wasn’t asking for a parrot response, I was simply asking if PG potentially thought of something new, as we all know… saying something isn’t always guaranteed.

Thank you all for your feedback, some pointless, some semi useful. This post can now be closed. Cheers everyone, enjoy your night.

I’m sure it would be beneficial for @PGCrisis and @Arelyna to communicate with the team that more ways to spend Sigils should be considered for people who max everything.

As requested, closing.

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