A new breed of dragons

@Ryuu that would be like a mod but that would be cool!

:thinking: Balanced to big damage with health and rage gain, Nova

1 is enough I hope.

Big damage fireball which heals, :thinking:, Southern Cross


We got Rhyo :nauseated_face:

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What do you not understand this is only a beta version of what it might be this is not the final product that we’re gonna get its only the beginning of an idea I had!!!:rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:

Jeez for as much as you can criticize you sure can’t read😒

They already have a a new type Dragon, Invoker is not that old…
Without making a New type , I do however believe they can try different flying mechanics…For example cIve suggested before using Serpent Style dragons using
That Format make Invoker instead of Sorcerer. :name_badge::dizzy::loop::dizzy::loop::dizzy:

Yeah but there’s no real kinda “creator” line of creatures that resemble gods in our world. Only dragons that seemed to have appeared or have been created out of nowhere.

Cant u see what the problem is. UR SUGGESTIONS DONT MATTER!!! PG IS LAZY WHEN THE EFFORT DOSENT REAP EQUIVALENT BENIFITS($$$). the same goes for any suggestions in this playerbase including mine!

As this suggestion is about Dragon (related to how a dragon is used in the game, not changing the gameplay), then please do explain

  1. why we need such an overpowered dragon (not only spells, but also stats).
  2. How do we balance between attacking and defending against such dragon.

Literally I just mentioned a version of toned down dragon based on your spell suggestion, since you mentioned how the dragon will be evened out.

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How old are you? This whole idea as well as your response to people’s reactions to your idea makes me think of myself when I was 6 years old and saw something new I liked and wanted to be part of .
I don’t mean this in a bad way but it all comes over as very immature and not really thought through.

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It’s a hole general off topic idea I had and it’s the fact that 80 percent of the people that responded to this are people wasting their time on this planet arguing why this is stupid with a someone who just had an idea for a new dragon that might MIGHT be introduced and nerfed in the process to balance it out. Idk what you don’t understand I’m not a game creator, I’m just a person that had a base of an idea.

enough said.

:rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

actual developers do think of balance.

WD, for sure, doesn’t exactly have a perfected balance in it, but its balance surely is better than what your “idea” will bring. -and for the company’s revenue too.

go find something better to do, kid, other than babbling about an idea nobody agrees on (oh, other than trying to justify the said idea you can’t even answer the reason you think it should be implemented of). :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

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If no one cares then why are you wasting your time on commenting about it?

I mean, you seem to care

I mean now I know it’s a stupid idea but instead of criticizing someone else how bout you worry about your own :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: and let me find that out by myself? Plz

How about such a suggestion?
Create a dragon that can only get by paying.

This dragon CANNOT bond with a rider, but the dragon already has the power equivalent to bond with a good rider with good gear.

Even on a perch, it has the almost same power as when bonding with a defensive rider with defensive gear.

As you know the current system requires the following process to maximize the power of the dragon.

  • Going to the mine many times and get gold.
  • Building troops many times a day.
  • Getting glory.
  • Collecting many craft shards.
  • Getting a rider from Atlas branch.
  • Training Atlas rider.
  • Leveling mythic gear.

Some people might think that this process is the fun of the game. I’m also one of the players who enjoys in Atlas.
However, some people wanna enjoy the game but don’t have time for that.

The spenders that I know lost their strength because they couldn’t have enough time on Atlas and they retired.
So a dragon that is strong from the beginning but can’t be strengthened with gears and riders may bring the retired players back.

It is necessary to consider what kind of dragon to make.
Perhaps a warrior or sorcerer that is easy to fly is a good choice.

And it should be slightly weaker than a Mythic Dragon equipped with Mythic Gear.
Otherwise, the contributing players who spend a lot of time in Atlas will be retired.

And hunters should be excluded from this dragon.
Hunters are dragons that require practice and not liked by those who doesn’t have time.

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considering we have invokers (hunter X sorc) im waiting for a “Hunter X warrior” or “Sorc X warrior” mix to come lol…

I love hunterxhunter


I think we have one of those sorcxwarrior you are talking about. Kathool. That dude is da beast.

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Oh my god Mahdur! You have my utmost respect for life! That’s called an absolute answer!

Hey @mods @Kardul can we close this thread pls. It’s non-productive. Thank You.

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