A new Dragon Rider needs a Name and Backstory...from YOU!


Who is she? Only one way to find out.


Hey Dragon Lords!


A few weeks ago, we hosted a special Twitch stream with Dragons artist Johannes to design a slick new Dragon Rider for the upcoming Springblossom Season. During the stream, viewers could vote on various aesthetic aspects of the Dragon Rider that Johannes incorporated into the design. We also had a preliminary voting phase to determine the Rider’s gender, weapon of choice, and portrait background.


Take a look at the archived stream where we drew this Dragon Rider together:


War Dragons Weekly | Twitch Draws A Dragon Rider


When the stream ended, Johannes took a few days to tweak the design and make sure it was spotless. Here’s the final version of the new Dragon Rider:



This Rider Needs a Name and Backstory!


This Dragon Rider was forged by the Dragons community, so it’s only right to continue the trend for the Rider’s name and lore. That’s why we’re opening up submissions to the community to enter your name and lore for this Rider! We heard lots of creative ideas on stream, and we can’t wait to hear what you come up with. Was she guarding an honorable shrine atop the misty mountain? Perhaps attacking a group of bandits on the steps down to a local village? It’s time for you to decide!


Here’s some initial information to know about this Dragon:

  • Available in the Springblossom Season as the second Dragon Rider (coming later in the Season)

  • The Rider’s intended element for her Gear is Wind, although there won’t be Gear associated with her based on upcoming Season updates. We just used the Wind element as a basis for her look, so feel free to use it in your naming and lore submissions.


Here are the winning choices for basic information about the Rider from the votes that occurred a few months ago:

  • Gender: Female

  • Weapon: Shuriken (hidden knife / throwing dagger / etc.)

  • Background: In the Misty Mountains

Here are the winning choices for features that were voted on during the stream:

  • Race: Elven

  • Hair Length: Long

  • Hair Color: Silver

  • Accent Color: Purple

  • Mask / Face Paint: Face Paint

  • Shoes: Boots

  • Cape or No Cape: No Cape

  • Time of Day: Evening




Submit your Name and Lore


Here’s how the contest will work:


  1. From now until the end of Monday, March 11th, you’ll have the chance to submit considerations for the Twitch Dragon Rider’s name and lore.

  2. The open naming portion of this contest will end of the 11th, at which time the Dragons team will deliberate on which names should go to a final community vote.

  3. We’ll post the top 10 names and lore for this Dragon on Friday, March 15th, and you’ll have until Friday, March 22nd to vote for your favorite name and lore out of the 10.

  4. Once the votes are in and the scores are tallied, we’ll announce the name of our community-created Dragon Rider later in the month!



Contest Prizing


For those names that end up making it into the final vote, their creators will receive a War Dragons Swag Bag from the team for their submission, which includes a War Dragons lanyard, Dragon pins, and a t-shirt! The player who ultimately submits the winning name will get an even bigger prize, so stay tuned for more details! We will send digital prizes directly to your War Dragons account shortly after the contest has ended, and physical prizes will be shipped soon after.


Ready to submit a name and backstory for this new Dragon Rider? Click on the link below to get started!


Submit a Name and Lore for the Springblossom Dragon Rider!

Keep an eye on the War Dragon’s Facebook page, Twitter channel, and Instagram profile for updates on this contest and the final announcement of the Rider’s name and lore! Good luck, Dragon Lords!



Twitch Draws a Dragon Rider: Name and Lore Contest Official Discussion Thread

Please ask questions and discuss this contest in the Official Discussion Thread.

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Rider Name and Lore Voting is LIVE! Cast your vote from the Top 10 submissions for what Name and Lore you think this Rider should take. Voting will be open from today (3/15) until next Friday (3/22), so be sure to get yours in before then!

VOTE HERE: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DragonRiderVoting

Top 10 Submissions:

1. Harukaze, The Silent Flute

Abandoned as an infant at a monastery in the misty mountains, Harukaze grew up among warrior monks, learning to fight as well as scriptures and art. She loved to play the flute at sunset, sitting on top of the oldest cherry tree in the monastery. One particularly mild evening, she was dozing off when the monks were attacked by a criminal group. Helplessly, she witnessed the massacre of everyone she ever knew, held back by the last and only order the monks conveyed to her through furtive looks: stay hidden. Survive for the sake of them all. When the criminals left, she wandered among the monks, crying. After the funeral rites, she made a vow to remain silent until she could avenge them all. She left the monastery with only her flute, her weapons, and one red string from each of the monks she loved. She painted her face and wore white as a sign of mourning. Voyagers report that sometimes at dusk, the wind carries the lament of a flute deep in the mountains, or a glimpse of a beautiful woman in the mist.

2. Chiyome, Night Wind

Born with elven features, Chiyome was abandoned by her family for fear of being an omen of ill fortune. Little did they know, a ninja clan rumored to reside in the Sacred Ridge took her and raised her in secrecy. Now a full-fledged ninja, Chiyome is known throughout the clan for her exceptional stealth and swiftness which granted her the title “Yokaze” (meaning “Night Wind”). Unlike most ninjas, she has chosen to walk the path of righteousness and will grant safe passage to people who traverse the Ridge - especially families, because she knows how it feels to have none. However, no evil-doer has passed without punishment, for Chiyome will come as silent as the night and as swift as the wind.

3. Kayda, Little Dragon

Kayda, whose name means “Little Dragon”, is an unusual Yōkai who comes from a distant land, as the story goes. Truthfully, not much is known about her, except that the early Dragon Riders noticed her snuggled in the nest of the wild dragons. The dragons didn’t allow the riders to go anywhere near the elven babe as the dragons knew she was not kin to the land and feared what the riders would do with her. The early riders attempted to keep an eye on the elven child as she grew up. As she got older, however, it became more and more difficult for the riders to document her actions and abilities. To this day, the story goes that, because she grew up with dragons and had the ability to control the wind element, she learned to fly and fight like a dragon. She unleashes her shuriken in the same manner a hunter dragon unleashes fireballs. It is said that the last thing one will ever hear is the sound of the wind picking up just before they are found dead with the same mysterious wound in the center of their chest.

4. Kurochi, The Twilight Watcher

Kurochi is a beautiful raven-haired agent who spies for intel and is also the lover of Ronin’s rider. When the news of the Samurai’s death reached her, she locked herself away so no one could reach her. A week later she emerged, her hair seemingly greyed from the stress and shock. Driven only with vengeance and revenge, she began a personal quest to find and eradicate the ones responsible for her lover’s assassination.

5. Tomoe, Wandering Avenger

Tomoe was expected to act pretty and aloof in her old life as a geisha, but after a band of rogue samurai massacred her hometown, she trained herself to become a lethal assassin. Wandering the land, Tomoe seeks to find those responsible for killing her family and bring long-awaited justice for those who have been heedlessly slain.

6. Kazane, Maiden of the Shrine

Since the dawn of time, the land of the Sacred Ridge has been watched over and nurtured by the Goddess of the Sun, Amaterasu. Upon her passing, legend says a race of warriors was born of the wind and sea to be appointed as the guardians to the Goddess’ shrine, and among them is Kazane. Running through the misty mountains, she hunts the souls of those who dare disturb the sacred burial grounds, with movements as silent as the wind from which she was born. With a presence as delicate and unpredictable as the fleeting cherry blossoms, travelers beware: she is the maiden of the shrine, yet her blades show no mercy.

7. Hana, The Grace of Spring

As a child, Hana watched the cherry blossoms move gracefully on the wind as they fell towards the earth, lingering on the breeze to rise back into the sky. The clan to which she belonged brought dragons into battle so they could overwhelm their opponents on the battlefield. Amongst the horrendous dragons that ripped up the battlefield, Hana stood out on her dragon. The memories of those cherry blossoms in her childhood influenced her long after she became a warrior. She commanded her dragon with a swiftness that belied her brutal nature. Striking swiftly in conjunction with her dragon, one might be reminded of the cherry blossoms Hana watched as a child. Through the haze of dragon fire blossoming in great eruptions on the field, Hana on her dragon are a sight to behold. Every year, when the cherry blossoms fall, Hana is sure to be found observing and taking in their movements, feeling the wind in her hair. The quiet of the mountains, in sharp contrast to the battlefields and deft movements of her dragon, brings about the feeling of spring.

8. Lóng Zhànshì, Elven Dragon Tamer

Lóng Zhànshì (meaning “Dragon Fighter”) is an honorable title given to a female dragon tamer who is able to tame, ride, and command the best of dragons from the misty mountains. Only every few generations does a female elf from the Tribe of the Misty Mountains get chosen to select the most promising young dragons that will become fierce and deadly warriors of the air. She is masterly trained in ninja martial arts and as swift and smooth in fighting as a soft night‘s breeze. As long as there is Lóng Zhànshí the misty mountains, the elves will be well protected and guarded by Dragons that govern and command their realms.

9. Mikaze, Eternal Guardian

Age-old legend tells of a lost shrine high in the mountains of the Sacred Ridge, its location long forgotten even by the dragons once born to protect it. Every night, Mikaze keeps her vigil upon its steps, armed from head to toe with weapons blessed by the shrine’s spirits. Untouched by the winds of time, the lone guardian defends the holy site against any who should seek to claim its secrets for their own selfish gain. But surely, these are no more than children’s tales.

10. Nozomi, The Secret Princess

Born the illegitimate daughter between the Emperor of Japan and the Elven Princess of the misty mountains, Nozomi hadn’t the fairest start. The day that the watchful Empress discovered her husband’s unfaithfulness, she scalded the child’s face with hot water in her fury, claiming her ‘unsightly’. Nozomi ran away from the castle with her mother to the mountains where the Elven kingdom awaited them. To conceal her burns, Nozomi covered her face in war paint. In bitterness, she trained; she trained in stealth and combat alongside her mother, preparing herself and her people for the day that she could get revenge against the Empress for the scars that remained on her face, forever reminding her of what’s hidden under the purple and white.

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Twitch Draws a Dragon Rider: Name and Lore Contest Official Discussion Thread

The votes are in! This new Rider will be…Kazane, Maiden of the Shrine!

Thanks to Dragon Lord @Shinobia for submitting the winning name and lore, plus a special thanks to our Top 10 entrants and everyone who submitted and voted for this new Rider! Kazane will be available in-game next week as a part of the Springblossom Season! :tada: