A New Face to the War Dragons Community - PG Crisis!


Hey everyone!

My name’s Criss, also known as PG Crisis or just plain ol’ Crisis. I just started working with the lovely ladies and lads at Pocket Gems! I wanted to introduce myself as I’ll be on the War Dragons Community team here, and I’m super excited to get to know you all! :smile:

Pixxel has graciously taken me under her wing to learn the ins and outs of War Dragons, and the awesome community that surrounds it. I was previously at Harmonix working on community initiatives there, and after having recently made the jump across coasts to the Bay Area, Pocket Gems was a perfect fit for where I wanted to be and what I wanted to do. The folks here are super kind and I can only speak highly of them (so far…muahaha! No, really, they’re super cool, it’s true).

I’m a gamer by trade and have a particular love for games like Pokémon, Fire Emblem, Zelda, Bit.Trip Runner, Portal, Starwhal, Life is Strange…the list goes on! (There’s a lot more than that, seriously, I just blank on all the great games out there when coming up with a list.) I’m also a retro gaming collector and player, with the Nintendo 64 being my personal all-time favourite console. My favourite game is Banjo-Kazooie, developed by Rareware for the N64 - I’m floored to chat about retro consoles and games anytime, if you’re willing to nerd out with me!

I’m just getting my feet wet here and in-game, so as I make my way through the ranks, don’t hesitate to provide some of your most notable tips and tricks for playing War Dragons, and what your favourite part of the game has been so far. I’m all ears, and I can’t wait to start digging in!

Pixxel and I will be on the War Dragons’ Twitch stream tomorrow, November 22nd from 3:00-4:00pm PT, where you can match a new voice to a new face (that’s me!), and I can get a chance to meet you all! Please join us if you can, we’ll have a ton of fun and you’ll get to see me answer introductory questions with extreme awkwardness. It’s gonna be a blast.

Thanks for letting me be a part of such a great community here! Tune in tomorrow starting at 3pm PT for the stream, and I’ll see you all on the battlefield! \m/



Will you be showing next season’s divines on stream? I saw the tweet :eyes:


Or we can start early :smiling_imp:

Is the cake a lie at PG?

For learning the game, Strategy and Guides section :tada: covers a bit of it. Don’t out-level your dragons, build towers as high as you can (no ballista + use a variety), and pick a breeding path. :smiley:


Welcome Crisis! Very high energy intro haha. Tips: follow Red’s breeding guide, build your base short and tall, not long and low, and learn to fly hunters. Most challenging but fun class.


Welcome! Nice to see I’m not the only hoarder of consoles. Lots on my list still to get though.


Wooooot! We’re so excited to have you aboard, @PGCrisis!
And thank you to everyone for sharing the warm welcomes and tips so far.

This is the spirit I love about our community. <3

For those that can make it, please do drop by Twitch tomorrow. It’s going to be a fun one!


What will your role be?


Hi @ErisNyx! The team is putting the final touches on them so we likely won’t be showing 'em off tomorrow. After the Thanksgiving break, tho…stick around! :slight_smile:


Start 'em early, I can take the heat! :fire:

The cake is only a lie if I’m not currently eating cake. So, yeah, it’s a lie, because cake can only be truth once consumed. That’s definitely what you were asking, right? (Was that awkward enough?)

Thanks for the link to the Strategy and Guides section! I’ve got lots of great reads to keep me occupied while I ramp up on all things Dragons. I super appreciate the tips! ^^


Schrödinger’s Cake? (And not awkward :joy:)

The next objectives are to break vases to find an avy and get your name engraved forum roles. :see_no_evil:


Welcome to the WD community. I also enjoy retro gaming along with my other hobbies which include harassing PG employees.


Welcome Crisis - I hope your name isn’t an indication of what you will be facing in your new job!! :wink:


Welcome Crisis, Got a fair amount of games myself too! But not much Retro, nor very recent safe for a few exceptions. I’m a Kingdom Hearts, Ace Attorney, Pokémon and Digimon fan among other series of games including the Final Fantasy games I played :blush:


Final Fantasy - ‘wasted’ probably years of my life on that series… :wink:


Welcome Crisis.

N64? Too modern. Go back to NES and Dragon Warrior. That was wasted years of my life…


Welcome @PGCrisis !

Glad to have another retro around! I have a soft spot for the Super Nintendo myself and everything RPG. The FF series is obviously a fan favourite but I love Secret of Mana possibly most of all, can’t wait for the reboot even though I don’t have that console yet. (Shh, don’t tell Rydia, I don’t want her getting mad and summoning Shiva, it’s cold enough here in Canada already)

I recently finished my Breath of Fire collection. So stoked to get those games again. :joy::joy:

Welcome again! Hopefully everyone is kind at least until you get settled in. :grin:


I would not be here or playing War Dragons if I hadn’t played FFXIII for a month after its release. It saved me.


Welcome @PGCrisis !

I loved Banjo Kazooie too! Mario Sunshine was also a favourite and I was just thinking about replaying Portal the other day. I’m sure you will love WD, at first it seems really simple but you will gradually reveal more and more layers of complexity as you go on. Make sure you find a great team with lots of helpful people, that’s my biggest tip for you :wink:


WOWOWOW!! You’ve got me beat by a long shot! That is a beautiful boxed NES Advantage! And is that the GameBoy carrying case I see above the shelves? :heart_eyes:


The night is dark and full of terrors. :hushed: