A New Face to the War Dragons Community - PG Crisis!


Hi @Kardul! Nice to meet ya! I’m a HUGE Kingdom Hearts fan. I once met Yoko Shimomura where I attended university - she was so lovely and polite! Her music has absolutely moved me to tears on more than one occasion.


Welcome aboard! I’m always looking for new bases to destroy :rofl: jk :thinking: maybe.

In all seriousness, just stay off our land in Atlas(if you haven’t seen it yet I’m sure you will soon) and you will have nothing to worry about. :rofl:

Good luck at PG and in game!



WD is a fun game.Lots of features that will open up for you while you progress.
We are of course curious to hear what you think of the sapphire and above breeding bottleneck where we have to grind for tokens until our eyes are squared.

My fav old time game is still Monkey Island 1-4


Welcome :+1:

Love the intro.

I think your name is poetic. Think I’ll tag you whenever there is a crisis :yum:


Welcome Criss!!!


Welcome Crisis! While I don’t collect retro gaming consoles, I am old enough to have memories of most of them LOL

Wait…guess that makes me retro too! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Welcome aboard! :+1:


Welcome to the community.


Welcome Crisis! :slight_smile:

Is this a hint that you’re part of the PX team?


Welcome aboard.
Now we know who to call…
Hopefully we won’t frustrate you with all of our questions
queue Ghostbusters theme
Who you gonna call
@PGCrisis!!! :ghost: :ghost:


Welcome to the game!


Welcome aboard! @PGCrisis


Ahaha, nice to meet you @FlashingRed! it’s nice to know I have a fellow RPG-lover in the house! FF is such an iconic series, l don’t know anyone who DOESN’T like those games. Hooray for the SNES golden days, I’ll always be a fan. :slight_smile:


Poetic crises…now that’s deep. Nice to meet ya! ^^


What’s your role exactly at PG @PGCrisis? Solving crisis? or be the front face like @Pixxel


It’s gonna be a healthy heaping of both, @Dakhunter! I get to interact with all you fine folks and fight fires for ya any other time. Crisis is my middle name (which is a dang lie that I hope never actually becomes a real thing)!


Oh boy. Someone else to ban me! Hooraaah!


No worries. They are onto me next. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Crisis, what a choice for a name :joy:. Maybe the next 2 new hires will be PGDebaucle and PGClusterfuck, but all apt jokes aside, welcome! And looking forward to saying “crisis averted” whenever you help someone. :facepunch:t2:


To be clear; PGCrisis will be on the community end of things in the same way as Pixxel. Game issues should still be sent to the PX team.