A New Face to the War Dragons Community - PG Crisis!


Aw. there you go and ruin all the fun and perfectly amusing lines people will not have a chance to use. In that being said it is always nice to have another face to the WD name.


Welcome Chris to PG!
I agree everyone at PG is super nice and helpful. Enjoy yourself and keep your dragons flying high!


Time is ~never~ wasted when you’re playing video games! :dragon:


Welcome to PG.
Btw time is never wasted when you earn on game :wink::smirk:


Nostalgia is alive and well in the current day, if you think you’re retro that means you’re doing just fine! Nice to meet you! :slight_smile:


Haha, thanks! The nickname actually comes from a previous community gig where our game’s product manager misread my name and thought it was “Crisis”, and as with all weird and quirky nicknames, it stuck! I do appreciate the jokes and puns that can be created off of it, though. Can’t wait to see what you come up with. :wink:

Passing the torch!

I immediately thought about Crysis :joy:


Hardly find pixel in war dragons , what’s problem?


She specifically said she’s avoiding you. Didn’t you know?