A new features staying in?

Dear @PGEggToken this current season your team tried out 3 cool new features. I was curious if they are here to stay?

Recap —

  1. The ability to trade in unused keys for RSS during the first 2 weeks of the new season.

This cool feature allowed anyone with extra keys to cash them in. I was a huge fan of this feature and hope to see it return :slight_smile:

  1. A discount line mid Season. This season introduced a discount warrior line for half price mid season.

While many didn’t like Ozy I liked him! This guy is my goto for clearing atlas mines or for bases that are front end mage heavy. Fun sorclike warrior.

Regardless of our feelings to Ozy having a discount line mid season was awesome. I also hope to see this one return.

  1. Kingdom Wars relaunch was revamped for the first event of the season.

While execution fell short, can we expect to see a Second attempt at this event, or even KW classic returning or is KW now in the scrap heap?

I hope to see it back in some form. It is quite boring with only 3 major events in the rotation and I like the raid feature. KW is the only event where we don’t attack the same player over and over and over again.

In the current Temple Raid I attacked the same person 180 times. And its exactly the same for fight pits.

So 3 new features were added in the season can we please have some clarity on what we may or may not expect to see in the next season?



They did say this will be available again for this seasons keys.


this was already confirmed to be back

More than three. At least, Dragon Quests, Trading Post and Team Dungeons. Possibly more. Oh, and the Pylon.

UPD: Never mind, I incorrectly understood the context of the thread. I thought that OP has a recap on new features and wanted to know, what else will be introduced.

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pylon will be back to already stated that! i mean most theses questions have been answered aready! just use the search function

We dont? Im pretty sure repetitive pvp attacks happen more in KW than in Gauntlet. In fact if I remember correctly KW was the event that they introduced repeated pvp attacks. Before it we had to work our way down a team list, hitting weaker targets for lower points

They did say KW wasnt gone, they just never said when we might see it again

Hopefully it looks something like this :fire:
we have one crappy map do we really want or need another? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Dungeons aren’t new, and of course the pylon is staying, and we have 0 reason to expect the dragon quests to leave so…

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This was confirmed to be coming back identical to this season iirc

During the Zilch stream, I remember it being said that they were working on KW and that they listened to feed back and plan to bring it back - it’s not in the scrap heap

As for the discount line, can’t remember if it was mentioned anywhere that it’s here to stay, but I assume it might? Or at least I hope


Same here.

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He’s not great but I do use him

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I just find he adds something different to my roster.

Sure he isnt the main goto but he has a role.

I find he works really well on bases heavy with mage towers as he can soak up the shots.

He is also pretty good at mopping up with his sorc like 3 tower spammable 1 rage nuke


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