A new Jurassic movie coming

Jurassic world Dominion I wanna see what happens when they are with us humans


When is the release date?
Also it looks like the shirt kinda reminds me of symbols in Monster Hunters for a Certain Monster and yet it’s a Kaiju

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Meh. The 2nd one was so terrible. Watch the Pyroraptor will be able to burst into flames like a Monstrous Nightmare and talk with how these movies are going. The original was so much better


I don’t mind new things I love watching shit get destroyed, eaten or heck some scary dinosaurs and some natural disaster but the second movie I saw of the newer one’s made no sense to me why make a dinosaur act like Mario in Star Form, then suddenly its Sonic with spikes for the irony of what we saw before blue fighting that thing (spoilers) indominus then gets impailed by the skull of a what I assume was a triceratops it’s literally a bad way to foreshadow something without being spoiled. Fallen Kingdom was meh but what the heck is with people in that movie.
Edit: I did see the originals and since I saw who started these cgi movies was the original Star Wars I can understand why people like originals. I can only remember what happened at the end of 3 because it’s been awhile since I’ve seen the originals but I do remember the first one where a T-Rex tore up a car and then stepped on it. It was more eye captivating since no one during the 1970s - 1990s has ever seen that before.


They’re beating a dead horse again?
Not interested
The only one that’s decent is the first jurassic park, the jurassic world basically just a cash grab rebooted, but i admit the cgi is good and it’s only good if i turn my brain off for those movies
Basically this

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Oh I get it now, Star Wars and Miraculous Ladybug do this but extend on ideas except one is for a younger audience and the other is a target of teens and ten year olds to adults mainly.
Edit: Funniest video I’ve ever heard

JP2, lots of running and screaming.

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Lol story bords make no sense like how was that one dinosaur genetically created and modified to even detect all that pulses and noises, forgot what the dinosaur did it was a Indominus Dino, but the first one we never even got to see what the other genetic modifications were.
Barely Any backstory on why the character who’s name I forgot about but Raptor dude except for Bluey the raptor.

Never liked it

Hate to be this person, but the book was much better :see_no_evil:

Like the hunger games

They talked about another kind of raptor I heard about it and it more deadlier than the raptors we seen so far

I believe it’s June 2021

That’s was just Rexy they are living among humans now so how do we adjust to them with us

If you people never played the game dino crisis you should

I :heart: Jurassic anything


I told myself when I used to work and had a manager who was a !*#@/ and thought they were immune to work I wish they would be eaten by a raptor

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He doesn’t bother to bite your jugular like a lion.

No, he slashes at you here or here… Or maybe across the belly, spilling your intestines.

The point is, you are alive when they start to eat you.


Hyenas are know to eat their prey alive worst ways if dying


Better than the lion king?

I would show it but its too graphic you can see it via YouTube