A New Phase of WD

Look at where we came from and where this seems to be going…before it used to be mostly skill and some money was spent to rush to the end if you wanted. Now it is just spending so that you can get to the starting line of the next round of spending.

I am not saying there shouldn’t be spending, that would be ridiculous, but it used to be you bought consumables and things so that you could do an action. That action would then obtain something. Now, it is buying the something you can obtain, no need for action.

Looking at how even the new dragons and bases buffs are set up. They are supposedly a reward for completing a season line…although cost wise it is already stacked on top of the base, and then the dragons, event consumables, and now Atlas. So, you go through all of that to get to the starting line of what amounts to be an 80% difference between the starting point and the end. AND offense and defense are segmented so you essentially have to do it twice. And you can simply buy it day 1.

Cost alone is one thing but then you look at the massive amount and ease it is to hack the game…it theoretically just induces spending, until it breaks: I think this about sums it up 不见棺材不落泪. This is a Chinese proverb that roughly translates to, “shed no tears until seeing the coffin”. Meaning PG is clearly not going to take any meaningful action until something very drastic happens. And let’s just be real…crying would from a sense of sadness or loss, seeing as how they feel about the customer base, don’t think that part really applies on behalf of PG either.

I just see a slow and gradual alienation of the player base until it is the 1% and those that either quit or stop caring. That likely won’t end well for the game but I guess we will see. At the end of the day each and every person playing this game is hugely replaceable and leaving for most will have no major impact on the game on an individual level.

A lot of what they are doing is pretty unethical, illegal would be harder to prove though. I know PG hates when the word “refund” is mentioned and I am not trying to incite anyone to do so. But, given their actions I could easily see a case being made for it and ultimately if Apple or Google decides to award on then that says a lot I would think about the current state.

I am sure everyone has brought up negative sentiment before and it will be brought up again. I would like to think this time will be different but I think we all know better.


The sentiment that spending is secondary was long forgotten. Sincerly doubt there will be any change tho.


What about those who love this game and want to continue this game but at an equal platform with no glitches at all, where cheaters and hackers will be banned in a seconds they install game.
All legit players in game would be nice imo and yeah spending in game is fun :slight_smile: without spending, fun from game will be taken away !


There will never zero cheating but stop encouraging it, and there needs to be spending but not wave after wave of cost.

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As long as cheating drives up the bottom line tho… :man_shrugging:t2: Idk, goes back to playing with his sapphires.


Its not just the cheating…the entire model. It used to be spend to get to the end, not spend to get to have the “privilege” to spend more and constantly new streams but nothing to even remotely offset it.


Maybe I’m confused…I’ve been behind on the forum info.

In the past.
Nonspenders: input time -> get stuff to use -> earn prizes
Spenders: input money -> get stuff to use -> earn prizes

Nonspenders: input time -> get stuff to use -> maybe earn prizes?
Spenders: input money -> get prizes.

I’m a little low level and only been playing a yearish, so my perspective may be skewed.
It does seem more difficult to grind compared to when I first played, but then again I’ve been distracted. But I am confused at the issue. You sacrifice time or money to progress through the game. Is it because we have to sacrifice more money or time than in the past?
Or is it just because it takes less skill to progress in the game?


I think the issue is that there are harder, more defined barriers between different progression tiers, so competition’s outcomes are dictated more by nigh-insurmountable advantages extrinsic to the competition than skill. Destar is sort of a brain-dead wrecking ball that just guarantees a win below certain tower levels, a man can only watch Harv 0% megacoin attack so many times before he stops caring about the competition, etc.

I wasn’t around for when gold tier was max tier, but my impression was that a much larger portion of the player base had all the dragons that could be credibly considered the best. This means the relative difference in advantages between them were smaller, which in turn meant that the players were sorted out more by skill rather than how many paywalls they’d ponied up the cash to breach.


The problem is now that unless you spend you get no where in the game. Ive been playing for 2 years now FTP and i have never once got the mythic. Its pretty much impossible. How can this be? I would like to think I play a fair bit 2 hours a day and play smart by saving things to use at the right time. PG just keep adding tiers and lines and new stronger dragons that i wont get till for years… i should not have to play for another 2 years just to hope i get in the OB tier without spending. It needs to have an end point. Like there is now the game is split in two the spenders and atlas and the non spenders and normal game. Every day i read here about players that want some kind of universal evoultion stone for old divine dragons… has anyone ever thought that maybe that isnt a bad idea for players that dont spend. Who cares if they want to max out a dragon to its highest level in garnet… big deal. To them it is because it is a lifetime till they get above thatt anyway with out spending. I agree with panda when he says its criminal it literally is. FTP just bend over an cop it and PG wont bat a eyelid because people will keep spending just to say they can


The rollout of Atlas has been a disgrace. It really is creating a game of haves and have nots. They don’t care, as Atlas apparently promotes more spending and is geared to higher level teams (also the biggest spenders in general).
We’ve all heard about PG’s Finance department taking over, and we are now looking at the result. Expect more convoluted and obtuse rules tied to new spending mechanics! It works so well in China.


The issue is PG is making it so you have to spend to get anywhere fast. I’m a totally free player while many others that started after me that spent a lot or a medium amount are 10-20 levels higher. The problem with that is it ruins the game for the little to no spenders out there because they feel they are behind everyone else, so they want to spend which gives PG more money. The way it is now benefits PG a lot because they get more money, but does not benefit the little to no spenders at all.


Now -> Spend money, get prizes, most you don’t need.

I definitely don’t play like I used to I’ve played for over a year now. I would spend all day flying but now I sign on just long enough to spend my 16 energy and get a few points then I hop off and hop on the game GOG … I’ve been playing it for a couple months now and I love it. It takes me away from dragons a lot where before nothing could pull me away from this game. I just don’t have the money that it takes for this game.


Youre assuming its all money. It isnt.


This I definitely agree with, there is nothing any member of the PG establishment can say to justify the recent decisions on how and when to roll out the recent land expansion. Knowing the outcome in advance yet proceeding anyway was unethical.

Having worked within a corporation and experiencing first hand decisions made by corporate executives contrary to what we were advising, because they felt it best for the share holders, it is of no surprise and no less frustrating to those directly affected.

TBH, while I have berated the technical staff in the past without mercy, much of what has happened quite likely was out of their hands too, but, to voice publically that this decision to release was made against their advice would probably be the end of their employment.

Executives like having the power to do whatever, they abhor being held responsible. It’s like they are above it all.

Unfortunately as long as the game is profitable they’ll continue in the same vein. When it starts showing losses, they’ll probably just abandon it and direct their resources to some other.


Used to be: Spend a few hundred dollars and you would start to catch up as you would get a meaningful return for your money. (still cost thousands to truely catch up)

Now: Spend a few hundred dollars (over say in a season) and you are actually further behind due to the excessive rate of expansion.

Personally i spent a couple years of very active game play all in D1 and a few thousands dollars, and at the end i felt further behind than when seasons began… Thats just WRONG. I had to ask myself “Why spend at all?”. So i dont anymore.


“Consider examining your situation and determine whether you’re really a good candidate for War Dragons. Perhaps Candy Crush is better suited for someone like you. Leave the real games to the beneficiaries of the business moguls and oil czars…”

~Financial Dept.


Want to hear a joke? $100 put me up one level this event


It’s only a joke if it’s funny…


Play the game, dont let the game play you.