A New PVP Event Coming to War Dragons - Kingdom Wars


It is worse than conquer in some ways. This is conquer visually but mechanics wise more like CTF as there is no set pool of VP. It’s more about outright point generation, or expenditure.


The point generation actually reminds me of king of the hill, I hope this isn’t what they meant when they said “similar event”


Mega coins make hardwork and time spent irrelevant because some lazy person can just spend cash and undo hours worth of work in just a few minutes.

Spending to speed up game progression through breeding, base building and getting seasonal rewards is one thing but it shouldn’t give you a direct, instantaneous advantage in events that require time and effort. You want to spend, spend on event resources and then put in the work grinding.


yeah, never been much of a fan of Megacoin, save for that island chain event where it’s the best for PVP Team and Indiv. scoring.


Nailed it…


@Arelyna Are there any escalating bounty (or “rubberband”) mechanics, e.g. the multiplier increase for attacking teams with more territory in Conquer the World, or the multiplier increase for attacking forts that have been held for more time in King of the Hill?


There is also no barricades or defensive mechanic. So, like CTF you are just constantly attacking (or burning energy)


Are there rounds? Is there a cap on energy costs?


That disclaimer :see_no_evil::man_shrugging:


By using more energy, IF and mega coins…


Agreed, doesn’t seem like there is much of a ‘creative’ strategy here… aside from whom can spend the most.


Looks stunning from screenshots. Now let’s hope it works


What exactly does this mean? Sounds like each attacking team has the same X number of HP to defeat and the first team to do it wins the territory, correct? We aren’t talking KOH fort fight are we?


I thought that sounded like the team gauntlet pvp island, except it’d only count up to 6 teams based on the map design


Brace yourselves :beer::grin::popcorn:


In the livestream they showed that territory will have HP and to conqure it you’ll have to wittle down that HP. When it comes to stealing territory from other teams, it will be a race similar to pvp islands in gauntlet in that the first to knock out the 1000 HP or however much monuments will have wins/keeps the territory.

My question is how will it work when multiple teams are fighting over the same territory? And will there be any kind of grace time before someone can try to steal that territory again or are you going to win a monument and then have it immediately stolen by another team that drops a mega coin?


Would it be to unfair to have a annex mechanic? Probably but i feel would be fun.
Team A has a large claimed area.
Team B decideds to run a line across the north of the area (straight) when they get to the other side (their own territory) it annex and makes all the land inside theirs.

Could be a good way for smaller teams to gain more land, as it is easier to annex larger land than smaller land.


I don’t believe this is part of the event


That would be the player’s (in this case your) capital.


I mean you can’t annex an area should have used the 1st picture, but my point remains