A New PVP Event Coming to War Dragons - Kingdom Wars


So it looks like this event is a mix of team gauntlet and king of the hill disguised as conquer the world. Lovely…


But but but this is a “new” event :joy::joy::joy:


I know you can’t i was suggesting/questioning if it would be a good mechanic to add maybe it is maybe it isn’t. Just throwing it out there.


My mistake, I thought you meant annexing was a part of the event


The NEW part is no bonus meter but we get MEGA COINS…I know I’m just THRILLED aren’t you :roll_eyes:


Cannot use sarcasm. Will be taken seriously.


Bwahaha they actually don’t have a “sarcastic” emoji go figure


@Arelyna , will lowest ranking teams get team points taken away?


So I think I understand that a given territory will have say 20,000 HP and if there are two teams (to keep it simple) going for the same territory, said territory will go to the team that gets to the full 20,000 HP first. Not if they take 16,000 and we take 4,000, correct?

If that premise is true, is there a way for us to know what other teams are going for the same territory and what their progress is?

Has the GF been able to play this new event in test mode?



Correct :+1:t3:


@Lutrus and what about “If that premise is true, is there a way for us to know what other teams are going for the same territory and what their progress is?”


That is correct. However this is significantly better than just a free for all CTW or CTF event due to the fact that you need to be bordering that land in order to attack it. It needs to be adjacent to the land so there very well could be instances where you are the sole team able to attack a certain territory. Or there may be 1 or maybe 2 others.

It’s going to be interesting to see how back and forth front line battles go, where you need to take back a land before your opponent can take the next land to make it so you cant take back the original land again.


I would assume so? But I don’t know for sure.

@forScience they say something on the stream about it?
@FLAKnIceHole yes you will be able to.
Quick search gave me something:

From her stream notes:


LOL, of course it won’t.


What if i attacking super attack or mega attack with inner fire can got more multi points?


You will get more points with IF than without.


It just adds up, it doesn’t multiply the multiplier.

So a super attack gives x4 points, a super attack with one IF gives x5 points. It does NOT give x8 points.


I‘m curious what happens when let‘s say the #25 team spawns between the #1 and #2 team of the league and very soon the weak team finds themselves completely surrounded.

They don‘t have the option to battle the other teams from the bottom of the league so good luck to them being stuck on their spawn point for the entire duration of the event :rofl:


But then #25 still gets hammered in any event :wink:


Team prize-wise most likely but not always.
Personal progression is still possible on an easier level against easier teams, just not in the situation I described above :stuck_out_tongue: