A New PVP Event Coming to War Dragons - Kingdom Wars


Building on this: If a team is plugging away on a monument and, before it destroys the monument, gets cut off from its “supply line” from its capital, does the team automatically get booted from being able to take the monument? Or once you begin the team is given the opportunity to finish? This will have a huge impact on strategy as cutting the supply line will be faster and easier than retaking the monument (assuming the “cutter” has territory adjacent to the supply line). Also, once the supply line is re-established do you start on the monument from scratch, or where the team was when the line was cut (assuming the monument wasn’t taken by another team of course)?


Cutting the line prevents taking any land


From the separated part, you can still take land from the perimeter of the land that has a direct line back to your fort.


That, just woke up


What about the question of what happens to the points you have hit for already if you are cut off. Do they stay, and you resume where you left off when you reestablish a line with your fort? Or do the points go back to zero and you have to start over again?


You’ll continue getting points until another team takes the (now vulnerable) land


Whose points? Personal or team?
Personal points will stay whatever happens.

From my understanding, you are asking about team points and they keep adding up until its still yours. Just that you can’t attack any territories from there. Remember its VP per hour, so total VP keeps adding up cumulatively.


I would warrant that this is what happens unless they take the tower before you reestablish connection. Then you would have to start over.


Sorry for the blurry description, it was all clear in my head… :slight_smile:
If my team is attacking a monument (or any other hex) and are halfway done with accumulating enough hit points to take it when our supply line is cut off, are those accumulated hit points still there when we reestablish a supply line and can start hitting the monument again?


Hey @John16309! If the territory you were attacking has not changed possession in the time it takes you to reconnect your kingdom, then yes…your team’s progress on that territory will still be there. However, if the territory has changed possession, then all teams will have to start from zero again. Hope that clears things up, but let me know if you have any questions! :chipmunk:


Well, that’s when they hire mercs, and we have a 1k+ posts long thread :woman_shrugging:


Thanks @PGSqurl. that clears it up. One more question; is there any cooldown or shield period after a team claims a hex or monument, or can another team start hammering at it right away?


This one.


did a PG employee say that? If so, I missed it.


It’s in the rules:


I want to say that the side bar listing the teams’ ranks is annoying popping open after each and every attack.

Raid function would have been nice based on the mechanics.


I can’t seem to find energy cost reset time. Is there a reason for that? Anyone know what it is?


The blackbloods gives absolute garbage points


I am all fine for making them tougher but then to give us crap points for the effort is absurd.


10k points to take over a territory! This is utterly ridiculous. Is PG able to do anything right first time?