A New PVP Event Coming to War Dragons - Kingdom Wars


30K in Diamond


@PGSqurl can we get an energy reset clock please. Would be super helpful to know when it resets


@Blackfire5x5: If you restart your game, it should show the energy reset clock.


Given the ginormous amounts of land HP can we have faster energy reset please?


Nope. This event feels like it was designed to drain all the energy they just converted. Funny how that works right?


It’s all about the green.


Bad event is bad :-1:


I find it a bit disingenuous to call this thing a pvp event. It’s who is willing to burn more energy for a shit return and none of the teams actually fight each other. What a joke.


I’m starting to believe PG has no clue about game design. They seem to excel at money sinks,and sooner or later it’s gonna bite em.


This feels like hitting invader over and over. Maybe you can at least add the xp bonus :rofl:


at the rate these events are going, pg might as well just have a “spend” event with a meter where players can just put in their max soend at one time and add it all up… even make it last 5 days. Same difference. Missing the days when game outweighed business.


We are fighting with other team while third team peacefully took major monument with megas :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Just saying, this feels VERY intentional on the heels of a bunch of energy going out. They want it gone ASAP. People see it as “given” except guess what? It wasn’t. It was simply converted from something already purchased.

Watch how after a bunch is used in the first run it will become we “miscalculated” when they could:

A) Decrase the HP
B) Cap cost at 20/refill (like they said they would)
C) Reduce time of reset from every 24 hours.
D) Increase points per hit.

What are the chances they do any of that? I’ll bet very low. It’s one thing for there to be bugs/mistakes. This feels a bit like it almost has malicious intent.


Totally waste of time and energy


Yes… that.


@Arelyna , can the button Attack and Mark be separated? Or the dialog size is enlarged slightly, so that both button are separated?
Sometimes I hit Unmark instead of Attack…


Did the GPF test this event? Scale seems way off unless they want 2 hours of play and then nothing until reset.


I doubt GPF would be give anything other than bases and dragons to test on platform.
But yeah, its just suspicion.


2 hours of play, and then Domination of the Whale


Or just complete randomization…because you can’t really even select who you attack…good fucking work lol. I’m sure a lot of thought went into this thing to improve “strategy”.