A New PVP Event Coming to War Dragons - Kingdom Wars


With no bonus meter to at least help, the points per attack are terrible. In other pvp events i feel like the attacks vs player or even blackbloods are way higher. A lvl 180 player for only 100 points? Yet all the personal point achievements are still the same. Doesn’t seem correct, more like copy and paste rather then balancing


Totally agree. Point payout really isn’t worth it. Just feels like another endless grind. :t_rex:


If only there was a bonus meter… then there’d be a reason to engage in an endless grind lmao


Lol yeah. This sh!t sucks without it :persevere: :t_rex:


Some teams have a huge advantage in placement too all in all epic fail imo


I just want to point out this event was classic PG too. Put out an event that’s broken as fuck mechanics wise. Then everyone leaves so there is no way to fix or adjust (not that they would).

Yes, basically your starting position gives you an advantage for the duration of the entire event. This could probably be overcome if the points/mounument weren’t through the fucking roof cost wise. But they wanted an event to have “strategy”. They never mentioned that the strategy was to burn as much energy as possible by negating the effectiveness of a super attack and forcing the use of mega coins.


The concept only really has one major flaw, and that’s encouraging hitting the highest base you can take, over and over and over and over again.

There should be either a limited number of hits on each base in a period, or each player should maybe be forced to be assigned to defend one tile at a time until you have 50+ tiles. Anything to prevent just getting the biggest base over and over.

The scale is so terrible that the best strategy is to just b-line to the closest big monument and to take as few of the regular tiles as possible due to the terrible points gained from such low AI players.

The current scale ensures zero strategy exists.


They’re completely boxed in because this event limits you to your neighbors


It’s because the Atlas designers chimed in on the map design. Just like in Atlas, bigger teams/spenders can force weaker teams into a corner, same thing applies to Kingdom Wars. I’ve seen better balanced maps in Age of Empires king of the hill blood arenas…


It’s all about money :moneybag: no more fun


But but but PG said a lot Love this game :joy::joy::joy:



24hrs wasn’t there originally but is now


purely coincidental, I’m certain.



It looks like some of the old portraits finally got some names, like actual names and not just titles. Does this mean we’re getting some more lore?


Your team will always show up as green. If you tap on a territory you don’t control the app will tell you who it belongs to, as well as outlining what they control.


Don’t know if this has been said before or not - but marked territories for the team to attack needs to be in a different color, like blue or something.

Right now, its too easy to blend into other teams’ controlled territories and while there is a little skull icon to make it “stand out” its small enough to miss or be confused.

Please change the color during the event if possible


Do you know you can zoom in? I find this helps prevent choosing the wrong hexagon as well.


I might be in the minority here, but I’m actually enjoying this event. It’s much better than Conquer the World. Plus, the map looks pretty.
However… we need a bonus meter. Point payouts are definitely too low and a 24hr energy reset time doesn’t help anything. :t_rex:


Can some please look at the coding. If your an leader or officer our buttons for attack or unmarked are a pain in the arse. They are on top of each other.


Hey… at least you can attack the same person on the same team over and over and over again.