A New PVP Suggestion (with art!)

As I sat at my house over the weekend, staring at my phone and wondering 1) if work would be shut down due to corona and 2) why I absolutely loathe, despise, and dry heave every time Kingdom Wars comes around, the answers to both became outstandingly clear. My job is currently on hold until further notice for at least a month, and because it is an absolutely endless grind every single second of every single day. You only fight the same 2-3 teams for the duration of the entire event. So, last night I sat down and ignored the event I detest for like 30 minutes (before yet another @ officers for new targets) and came up with a different event instead. And beautiful artwork to accompany it.

I would like to propose a new PVP event called the Tunnels.

I am sure that you are capable of reading that. However, all of that condensed, the league is randomly divided into 5 groups of 5 teams. They race through a tunnel (similar to Temple Raid) with PVE checkpoints (monsters, aka yellow dots) by stealing progress from each other. The first team to get to the final Gate (blue dot) gets the highest point payout. Fewer teams at a time severely cuts back the amount that people will be able to secure event alliances. It also (theoretically) ensures that teams are fighting teams at their power level by the end.

Hey, if you think that picture looks like crap, you should have seen it when the tunnel was brown. At the end of the tunnel is the Gate. This is flown on a Dungeon-style base. In order to earn the full points from the Gate, 30% of the team has to defeat 70% of the Gate. This helps ensure that no one person is singlehandedly carrying the team. The first team to defeat the Gate gets the highest points payout.

Once the Gate is defeated, teams are put into the Arena with “like-powered” teams. Each team that was first place in their respective tunnel is in the Tier 1 Arena, each team that was second is in the Tier 2 Arena, etc. Again, this is only 5 teams. In the Arena, each team is given a monument that they are tasked with defending. They also can defeat other teams monuments to gain points. Teams get points for how long they hold monuments. An example is in the picture. Once another team’s monument is defeated, the winning team gains defense points that are applied to their original monument to help buffer that against attackers. This portion of the event only lasts two hours at a time. After that, all 25 teams are randomly assigned to a tunnel and a group of 5 again. Then the race begins again.

I hope that you enjoyed the art. If there are questions I will do my best to answer them, but it may take time so that I can go in Photoshop and pretend to have great art skills. (I mean, hello, that last pic is skrrrrrrrrt :smirk:) I’d hope it’s at least worth considering. To me this is more interesting and appealing than an endless grind.


As some one who has gotten little sleep this (current) event and is BEYOND sick of the arguing and bickering and what amounts to almost a “road rage” mentality caused BY KW, THANK YOU! I, for one, would LOVE to give this new event a try. Thank you for changing the tunnel color! Thank you for coming up with the idea. I have hope now, where little was left, lol.


Per suggestion from others, I would recommend the tunnel portion last 4 hours (again, similar to Temple), before the 2 hour Arena time.

EDIT: or 4 hour Arena time. Whatevskis. 6 hour rounds, 8 hour rounds, all good.


Two/four hours seems a bit low for a 24h game and likely to translate to pretty heinous resource cost.

Outside of that, decent idea. Competitive TR? :thinking:

I just like that 30% of the team is required to kill 70% of the beast to get past, though 15 players, may, again, be a bit high of a number.


Eh, so first a long pve race against four random succ teams then a kw style monument fight against some other teams if other teams have made it. And this repeats every two hours? I don’t see what this improves.

Specifically: A two hour cycle means a lot of repetition and reset which will quickly get old. Random groups are a bad idea because you could have the strongest or weakest teams grouped together from the start, meaning the race would be the whole fight for them. For strong teams it’s a lot of pve because they’ll reach an empty or partially populated arena. Teams that get there after will presumably have to fight for even a starter monument, and will have limited motivation to even attempt, and possibly reason to sandbag so they don’t end up with the strongest group. You don’t describe how monuments work between the first and fifth teams reaching the arena, but I think the ability to fight has to begin immediately or other teams are in control of how many points you can get.

PG of course will make the path hp and monument hp prohibitively high in higher leagues because that’s the only way they can think of adding “challenge” and giving higher scoring players something to do…

Edit: breaking tunnel and arena into discrete phases answers some of those questions, but raises the timing issues of gauntlet and fight pits, having times when you can’t do anything useful and times when you need all hands on deck. Meh.


Nah, the Arena itself is 2 hours. Can be 4, I’m not too picky. Race is 4. So a total of 8.

If a team doesn’t get to the Gate, they simply don’t get those points. They get assigned to whatever Arena group that they would have been in according to their placement on the path.


Based on suggestions from the magical, beautiful genius AviToosh who refuses to open forums and say this himself…

Perhaps teams could gain territory in the Arena based on how many members of the team kill the gate. So the more team participation at that point, the more buffer you have in the arena.

Idk it’s just an idea because I don’t (and never have) liked KW.

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I came here for the artwork that was advertised in the subject.

Good sir, we have very different definitions of the word ”art.”


You just like my tunnel picture. :smirk:

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tbh, i’m mehhh about this.

but it should at least be better than KW right? :man_shrugging:t2:


I’m open to suggestions. Like it says, this was put together in just a bit of time. I fully realize there are issues with it. Quite frankly I don’t get paid to fix those lol.


Apply to work there? :grin:

Would be easier to fix anything


Seeing as I’m out of a job for at least a month, you have a very good point. I’d have to be able to work from home though. And not go to California.

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New idea I like it can be tweaked and adjusted but the idea itself seems sound enough to work with.

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kinda like fight pit lol

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fight pits in temple raid maps/ways :smiley:

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Sounds like an alternative to boring rotation, though I have some questions.

  1. Unlike Temple Raid, whose final stage is fighting PvE bases (which means each team can have their own progress). How can we provide “fair” environment for the final stage?
  2. With fight pits, actions within tiers are limited to up and down (or stay if we can’t move up / down) by 1 step. What about this event? Also, how’s the interaction for the first few rounds?

I like it!

I like the random matching of 5 to race through the tunnel, the hope being that you would, at some point during the weekend, be able to fight all other 24 teams if you so choose.

I also like that this random matchup means you will always face different team in the Arena, rather than the same 5 teams competing in the arena all the time.

I think either an 8 hour or 12 hour cycle would work well to allow for everyone to get involved due to timezones.


Thank you for putting time into thinking this through and documenting it.

I do like the breaking into sections that reduces alliance collaboration. The current kingdom wars would be better labeled Faction Wars, and there is a non-linear relationship between effort expended and team points.

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