A new season, same old shortages

Here we are, at the start of a new season, with shiny new divines and runes to go with them, yet there isn’t enough Rune dust included on the season line with the runes to fully level the runes?!

How about giving us, yet another, place to spend Sigils.

Make a “Insert season name here” Marketplace where you can spend sigils to buy Rune dust, Black Pearls, elemental/Fire/ice embers, etc. No, I don’t want a line where you have to claim things you don’t need in succession, just have it so if you need Rune dust, you click the box and spend X sigils and and get Y Rune dust, and you can spend sigils over and over on it.

I mean, SOMETHING has to be done to address the shortages of “rare” items ingame and I’m all fresh out of ideas after this one. Don’t want to dilute gold chests, won’t up the dust contents of silver chests, won’t SIGNIFICANTLY increase the dust content of the season lines, so I give up. I’m willing to spend sigils to Rune up my best dragons, dragons whose season lines SHOULD have included enough dust to level the runes on the lines fully, but NOOOOOO, that’d make sense…

Edit Next you’re gonna tell me you can get Rune dust in Atlas :rofl:


I like this suggestion :slight_smile:


This would be awesome to have lines for dust, pearls, embers and shards to buy what you need.

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Don’t get me wrong though, I’d hate having to spend sigils on Rune dust, but I’d be WILLING to do it because unless they randomly drop a few million on me, no way can I ever finish runing up Leo’s and AirBrain, much less IF I get a dragon this season…

Lol :joy:

Don’t you guys know? You just have to do 50 million team quests to get 100 dust :grin:


I agree. I really like this suggestion.

500 sigils for 400 rune dust, don’t forget, it’s PG we’re talking about :money_mouth_face::pensive:

Great idea. Hope it happens!

Doesn’t PG give us daily free dust? :roll_eyes:
Sorry. Meant for generic reply :sweat_smile:


I love this idea specially for getting rune dust and black pearls. My perch is so low level that even a sneeze of a flying dragon can destroy it lol

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Suggestion: Increase equivalent rune dusts of salvaged poison frenzy runes/glyphs. Maybe x10 or more :joy::joy::joy:

This is why I want the rune branch back…

I have so many runes to blow up into dust, I can’t possibly see the need for ANY change. But then again, I get bad runes in my silver chests & runs that don’t go with any dragon or base defense set up worth a dang over level 75

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I had hoped you were like, level 60 or something. I’d think that a player of your level would know dusting a bunch of crap runes isn’t going to get the millions in Rune dust that players are lacking to properly level their runes. Guess not.


Hey scrubs, I’m not sure what your problem is. I’m an ancient Egyptian mummy who started playing the game in 1800 BC, and I have plenty of rune dust. Have you considered entombing some of your burial jewels in the sarcophagi known as runic chests? Seems like an obvious solution, no idea why everyone doesn’t just do that.

Kind regards,



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I have an over abundance of rune dust. I get mad every time it’s a prize for something.

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Complaining about having too much of something bears the risk that PG might take it away. You will only feel the pain when you have too little of something.

Rune Dust was something that gave many players a painful reminder not to ask PG to reduce something.

The same could happen to Fire/Ice shards, Dragon/Base boosts etc. , imagine those items would be scarce and players could barely afford to boost their bases/dragons :scream:

I’d much rather have shards popping out of chests & seasonal rewards than dust… Perhaps sigil rewards should be increased so people can complete more than one tree in a given season?

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