A New Way for Enjoying Atlas ! What do you think PG?

There are around 8100 castles and 4500 teams on atlas at the mement.
So why dont we try this way ?
1.Let’s reset all of castle each New Atlas Season.
2.Each team in atlas will have a permanent castle level 2 in begining of new season.
3.With a new map with areas for each 5ta.
4.Castle level 2-3-4-5-6.
5. An owner castle ‘s team can use their gold and resources to upgragde their castles to level higher . (2-3)(3-4)(4-5)(5-6)(2-6)
6.New Map for each New Atlas Season.
7.The amount of old upgraded level castles from last season will be saved. And they can be used for new season to conquer and set up. ( There is no more land level 2-3-4-5 , only Castles level 2-3-4-5-6 ).( When a diamond team conquer a level 2 castle, they can set up it back to level 4-5 they had from last season).
8.Shards and Gold will be depended from Castles Set Up Details.
9.Blocking PvP Shield when PvP Event is on. This way will keep players and teams more active in atlas.

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Sounds ok as an idea if there was no current atlas.
At this point we all are to invested in atlas as it is now like my team has alot of castles and the benefits from that will go away in your suggestion. Those benefits took years to get and millions of troops to get.
So in my opinion it will only be viable if teams that already have the benefits don’t lose it and still play your way


there are a bit less than 1400 teams now.


What about the pirate life ? :joy:


And there’s no level 6 castles.


I’m pretty sure I saw similar ideas couple of times ago.
While it’s great, it all depends on whether it’s economically viable for pg to introduce, and whether it would be well received by everyone or not.
Carry on the struggle pal. :muscle:

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PG can give us castle level 6-7-8-9 and 10 . :sweat_smile::+1::clap::clap::clap:

The map like chess is currently based off tactical degradation.
This is accomplished by having pieces on the board of different
A knight versus a Bishop or pawn in this case we have castles
of different values and as the game begins and players begin making
moves the tactical flexibility degrades!

So as pieces are lost and as pieces are put into defensive positions
that prevent their movement the tactics available degrade!

Or in our case as regions are secured and mega alliances are born
the tactical flexibility decreases rapidly .

Tactical degradation is is designed to quickly produce a winner
once a mistake is made the match produces a winner quickly!

I don’t think we want a quick match ?

And when the match is being played by players of equal skill
the match will most often end in what we call stagnation or what chess players
call a draw!

Shuffling the map is the equivalent of re-setting the board!
If I wanted to play a new match every season I’d play speed chess!

Shuffle will not prevent the match from ending in a draw/stagnation!

Changing how those pieces move or their positions will not stop
tactical degradation or make this game based on tactical escalation!

So as long as the map has castles of different values the game will
Be based on tactical degradation and will end in a draw and stagnation! :man_shrugging:

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Not that simple unfortunately, and 5 extra castle levels would be too much all of a sudden imo


Adding more valuable castles will only increase tactical degradation resulting in faster stagnation!
So yep won’t help will actually make it worse lol
Basic game theory :man_shrugging:


I kind of like the idea/see where you’re coming from, but I like the egg tokens I get from castles. I’m sure diamond teams could get their castles back to normal pretty quickly, but lower level teams I would imagine having to wait til everyone else is pretty much done… I don’t really like the idea of waiting several weeks to start earning back some of the free egg tokens I currently get.

Not to mention most of those castles were purchased with lots of gold it seems like it’d make it even harder for lower tier teams to have any castles since its way easier to hold a castle than to conquer one.

This would also likely encourage more stagnation toward the end of the season (assuming the goal to increase castle takeover is ever encouraged), castles earned at the end would hardly help at all.


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