A Note About Garnath Changes

Hey Everyone!

This is a message from PGLawson, dragon designer and stuffed animal collector:

“Garnath has been consistently overperforming in defended scenarios, taking down some of the best bases in the game, even triple-defended. This level of power is not something we want in the game, as it both devalues players’ base investments, and is also exceptionally frustrating to defend against.

Garnath’s main issue was that, despite having a rage-centric spell kit, it was not sufficiently threatened by Mage towers. Garnath wants to carefully manage its rage to build towards its uber spell: Autumn’s End. If Garnath isn’t careful around mage towers, or if it spends too much rage on Reaping Roar, the dragon won’t be able to cast Autumn’s End, which is the dragon’s main survivability tool. This resource management dependency isn’t being realized in the dragon’s current state, and the end result is an overpowered dragon with few to no weaknesses.

Within a short while of Garnath’s release, these problems became quite apparent. We normally like to give dragons time to breathe, and for more players to obtain them, before we considering any changes, but Garnath was proving to be an immediate problem, and we wanted to take action. One issue regarding the dragon’s power was the inequality between the dragon’s power and the available tower levels. In short, Garnath was able to level slightly above tower level 110. This meant that the tower levels intended to equalize against the dragon were not available, and Garnath was always “attacking down.” We wanted to wait until the Fort event following the Verdant Mythic release, where tower level 112 would launch and the Verdant mythics would be on equal footing with the latest towers. Despite the available towers becoming more powerful, Garnath still proved to be too strong, and here we are.

We’re making the following changes to Garnath in an attempt to restore the dragon’s above-mentioned weaknesses.

  • Autumn’s Edge.
    • Both casts now cost 1 rage each (up from 0).
    • The spell’s first cast now restores 1 rage.

Adding a rage cost to the spell means that Garnath has to be more careful to avoid rage-drain effects. On launch, Garnath could always cast Autumn’s Edge, even if it was completely drained down to zero rage. Now, each cast of Autumn’s Edge costs one rage, preventing Garnath from casting the spell if it ever spends or loses all of its rage. The net rage gain is only slightly reduced, however: Two casts destroys two towers and grants one rage from Harvest Mantle. The first cast breaks even and the second cast costs one. Post-nerf Autumn’s Edge nets zero rage, whereas before it net one.

In the immediate future, we’re going to monitor Garnath’s performance and see if any more changes need to be made. We’d like to move towards a point where balance changes are more timely to the issues affecting various dragons, and our efforts to more quickly address Garnath will hopefully move us in that direction.

To everyone concerned that their best dragon just became weaker, we’re confident that Garnath will still perform well, though more in line with the other two Verdant mythics. Thank you all for being patient, and for providing your feedback on Garnath.” - PGLawson


The only over-performer I see is you, gal🍻


Thought dragons went through beta testing first prior to official launch / release? But thankss for making the changes earlier so to manage expectation about this dragon!:black_heart:

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They do, sometimes we don’t realize things until a bunch of people try content. And we’re like HUH, didn’t realize X would happen when Y many people got their hands on it.

PS: Nice avi :smiley:


Understand @PGGalileo, Sir! I recognize that we are always work in progress & near perfect, otherwise the game itself would be boring if we ended having God-like dragons / towers all the time that don’t die or get defeated!:black_heart:


Thankss!:black_heart: fits my IG name somehow! Loved when that happens!:sweat_smile::black_heart: The redemption keys from last season helped a lot to get ahead of the branches before the actual event this week has even started! Oh well others have managed to finish 1 or more branches already! Im not envious tho, but Im flabbergasted by the amount of patience they have! Lolss :black_heart::rofl:

To everyone concerned that their best dragon just became weaker, we’re confident that Garnath will still perform well, though more in line with the other two Verdant mythics. Thank you all for being patient, and for providing your feedback on Garnath.” - PGLawson

The thing is, and I understand the why…there are those that put high runes on him based on his original form…so, the cost to remove them with the hard to come by chisels is pricy and not the fault of the player. This happens quite often and is pretty off putting - can we consider maybe saying oops, yep he’s strong - sorry guys?

Has this already taken effect? Cause this guy has been dropping right and left when I see it :joy:

This is unfair to the players that did get him and worked on him, and runed him, and potentially trained a rider for him. Why do y’all insist on changing things and not give players a chance to ‘re-roll’ for a new dragon? Do you not realize that players who are able to get this dragon are at the point where a significant amount of time and money have been put into the dragon? A simple “oops but we’re happy with where it’s at now,” is a pretty unfair response.

I don’t have it nor will I be getting it, it’s the principle of the matter.


It’s sure has.

I’d actually like to thank PG from making a good dragon now a dragon not worth getting.

Will you nerf the mythics people have to pay for or is it just the money your after :thinking::thinking:.

So the dragon gets nerfed with no prior blog post or announcement? This neer just comes out of nowhere without any advance warning for those of flus that already have him?

Pretty shady if u ask me


This is literally the announcement and they’re at least doing it before breeding. I’ll still get him though

It is a little ironic that they’re announcing this literally right after I claimed my mythic wind gear for him


Witnessing a bromance still in its infancy never ceases to instill faith in humanity. I applaud and encourage that bass to be slapped. Carry on




By leaving him as he is. Its not fair on the players that spent even more time and/or even more money on their bases. And there are a lot more players with bases than that dragon. Its the lesser of two evils.


The trouble is PG can’t win. If they drag their heels on a nerf like they used to, the player base moans. Of they initiate it quickly, the player base moans.
He needed to be nerfed, delaying the issue doesnt make sense. So if they pre announced it like you asked and said…OK in 4 weeks this nerf is happening…how does that benefit you or others?


Hey, I don’t care if you’re right, funny, wrong, stupid, the first 2, Or what.
Don’t make stuff in this thread personal, or more personal than it is.


My point is the cost to remove runes that I wouldn’t have placed in the dragon. I try to carefully evaluate dragons…I get it was deemed unfair to bases, but it shouldn’t cost players to have pg revamp (nerf) a dragon. This has happened pretty often and I’m questioning the fairness of the now imposed rune removal on the “lemon” now owned.

While I’d say buyer beware but honestly ~we saw the dragon, flew the dragon, blinged him out - and then it’s deemed unfair to folks that worked on their bases. Without any consideration of the costs of that decision to many players.

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Honestly reminds me a bit of when Surt got nerfed. Moans from both when he steamrolled bases with Ragnarok and after he got nerfed. People are never satisfied tbh