A Note About Garnath Changes

What did I say about making things personal?


I will say I agree that anytime a dragon is nerfed, PG should be offering 1 time free rune removal (of up to 5 runes) from that dragon. Allow people to change accordingly without the cost coming out of their pocket


Everyone and anyone is welcome to come hit me with Garnath :+1: or any other dragon they want. I’m always in the same spot - you know where that is :slight_smile:


Please remain civil and on topic. Bots are a different thread.


Dae you need to change your flare to the Mod one if you wanna do your Mod stuff… :wink:


At least you have wind gear for ikaros now though lol

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Sadly mods can’t change it back and forth at a whim :cry: Dae needs mod portrait so it’s obvious he’s a mod even if he uses GPF flair :upside_down_face:

On topic: Yes, some people are going to be understandably pissed about these changes, but the overall balance and health of the game are important too.


I’ll make one this weekend thanks, but no doubt it will last all of 2 minutes and be removed as well…

There is already one open. Atlas API Discussion Thread


It figures. I finally get a dragon I like and can fly and you are going to nerf it. Thanks for nothing pg.


It’s actually my 3rd set of wind gear, 1 for Krelos, 1 for Garn and one for Ick (meanwhile I havent had a fire dragon to use since Oni :sob:)

That remark is totally uncalled for :roll_eyes:

First things first, the idea that people spent money on Garnath and should have a refund based on this is idiotic at best. This statement implies that players either have a choice in what they breed or went out of their way to buy hundreds of thousands of tokens to get Garnath. Breeding paths are currently set up such that moving from a given class path to another is prohibitively expensive. Aside from whales, the people on the warrior path are the only people who bred Garnath and it wasn’t by choice. It was by necessity which means regardless of how good or bad Garnath was, a large number of people were breeding it NO MATTER WHAT. As for the whales, they breed everything anyways. Maybe they would have bred a different mythic instead of Garnath. I don’t know. All I know is they’ll get them all before the next tier comes out so it doesn’t really matter. They also didn’t go out of their way to buy tokens for this specific dragon. They either had the tokens already, or were buying them to get ANY of the 3 mythics; and they chose Garnath last event. None of this justifies full reimbursement.

Secondly, the dragon is still largely the same. The only functional change is 1 less rage after casting 2 unstoppable, white spell fluxes. Oh no! THE HORROR. It’s net neutral instead of +1! This is also not grounds for full reimbursement.

This is a game. Game content is subject to change. I’d rather spend my time playing a game where the devs care about game balance and interaction instead of “I bOuGhT iT sO nOw YoU cAn’T tOuCh It rEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEe.”


Interestingly, when I first said Garnath was op some mocked me. I would like to think their base got wrecked the first time someone used garnath. :grin::grin:

If changes had to be made should have been only first cast that cost 1 rage than got 1 rage back. 2nd cast should still be zero rage. Now its really hard to have enough rage for Autumn end. Mordred was a pretty great dragon but since it was a hunter no nerfs needed according to pg but since garneth is a warrior oh the horror that it can do well on max bases it must get nerfed. :unamused:


I have said no such thing…what I am referring to is removal of runes to accommodate a change has a cost

Does he still have a way to dodge rage drain? If not he’s basically useless.

Nobody specifically called out a team but one took specific offense to it. :man_shrugging:

Either way, can we stop releasing OP dragons or underpowered mythics and appropriately test them? Garnath is OP. Quasar looks like hot garbage from the flights I’ve seen. Seems like the people testing these must not know what they are doing. Just looking at the spells most of the player base could see Garnath was going to be amazing. Changing dragons after the fact clearly shows a lack of quality control, or simply covering up an easily foreseeable outcome of people blowing money to get the dragon then nerfing it and keeping the ill gotten gains.

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Yeah there were three other dragons like this Huitzil, Pathox, and then Surt but this is a shock is there footage of these guys?

Except they don’t have to choose between the two evils…so why are they?

You’re a whale so just eat the cost? That’s a pretty shitty attitude. Plus all I’ve seen people ask for is the costs of removing runes and maybe retraining a rider…