A Peace Treaty (to Whom it May Concern), and a Brief Reflection

I’m not sure how necessary this is, how it will be received (conceptually), or if this is even wise to publish at all, but there’s nothing ever wrong with accountability and seeking redemption, and I can’t help feeling like I’ve done some damage in this community. (Maybe not the full community, but a majority.) Perhaps the people who have done even more damage—some unmistakable damage, and I do have a few in mind—should consider doing what I’m about to do as well.

Firstly, I don’t want to make it seem as if I care about the opinions of some strangers, being that I barely care for the opinions of people in my personal life; this also is not a pity party, nor is it a stunt being pulled as a means to gain some attention. I just have this thing with doing the right thing, and I like to strive to be the best version of myself that I can be, which can be hard to do under pressure.

I won’t delve too deep or reveal too much, but the simple version of this story is that I try to be as honorable, diplomatic, and considerate as I can when expressing myself, but sometimes I feel like the things I say don’t always show clearly and accurately enough.

Sometimes this causes minor “debates” and I can become blunt if my immediate choice is not to ignore (as it usually is); this isn’t hubris, nor is it entitlement, but more like stubbornness due to the course of my personal life, which I will disclose nothing about.

It hasn’t really been kept secret within the past year, but I am mentally disabled: I live with Autism (Asperger’s, specifically) and ADHD. One symptom of ADHD, and one that I have shown pretty much all of my life when I’ve been overfilled with either a positive or negative emotion, is impulsivity; the relevance this has in this game is that I can be very pugnacious and argumentative when I feel like I’m not being understood or respected, or just when I feel like I have to make a point in general, but it’s not like I ever actually intend for these outcomes to happen, nor is it that I don’t agree with any views that don’t align with my own. (And I do have the wonderful thing of self-control; the stubbornness really comes in when things have advanced and no progress has been made. I do feel comfortable stating that respect and understanding haven’t really been things I’ve had much of in my personal life, either, and that I’m working on bettering myself.)

The main point I’m getting at is that by nature, I am a well-meaning person, and I try to maintain that figure on the outside as well (both in the real world and virtually), so if anything has detracted from that in anyone else’s view, I didn’t mean it, and I would like to apologize. I do know, as you should all know as well, that it is hard to read a person and their intentions online.

And yes, I have my reasons for believing what I do; I’m not simply believing anything. (For instance, I can recall so many times when things have taken a wrong turn between myself and another player, or another group of players. My forum history is clean for the most part, but it does have its bumps as well.) And perhaps if I never did any real damage, there was something else I did that I’m unaware of, but that all ties into this post as well.

All in all, I’m creating this post as a means toward redemption and moving forward, establishing a newer and stronger stance within this community. Thank you for reading this far if you did; I wish you only the best.

I don’t want this thread to turn into a dumpster fire, so if I don’t owe you an apology for any sort of miscommunication, still accept it as you see fit and go on about your day. Thank you.


Maybe I’ve missed it somewhere, I dont usually read a lot of the suggestion topics in depth but I dont recall you ever doing any damage to anyone, much less a majority of the community. So Im quite confused about what this could be referring to. I dont personally see a need to apologize for any kind of spirited discussion if you weren’t insulting someone else or breaking any kind of rules. However if you feel the need to then that’s of course your choice and kudos to you.

I know that I personally can get into arguments with others. I do not apologize for that because no one is required to agree with anyone else nor post only positive things. If people dont like my negativity then tough for them. I do apologize for sometimes taking things off topic and I usually try to either flag myself or at least blur it.

Anyway, the best to you, Jalen



Yeah, seriously. What is this about? :thinking: Did we have some kind of a forum war?


People not seeing points they just like throwing knives at each other which I can do on occasion only when I’m extremely mad.

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Love it. I respect you more than I have ever seeing this post. You really came forward, as more of leader.
To this I say cheers!

          To new beginnings 🍾🍹

Do not worry.You have never hurt me before hahahaha.

Suggestions should always be welcomed.Not implemented maybe but always should be listened to.

After suggesting then they decide yes or no or modify then quickly move on to next suggestions.

So you are doing well in participating.

Also I like thay idea when two team leaders has agreed to a peace treaty then those two cannot hit each other for 1 or 2 days.Only possible if teams have hit each other for the past 3 days.War can have some peace sometimes.


I really enjoy your posts Jalen, you put alot of thought effort and consideration into them.

As humans by default we need acceptance and thrive on positive feedback loops this happens day to day in the real world because we dont like to offend each other.

Keyboard warriors and virual identity is a different beast people can be a$$holes. Its easy to be an armchair critic. Its easy to be cruel and sometimes that can feed the darkness inside that we all have at times.

Its also easy to missread what someone says or means without the usual social queue’s and body language. For example I could write “Hi Jalen” and that could be interpreted as Im being short or impatient with you since I didnt ask you how you were today. Or I could just be tired or maybe in rush. The way people write things is not always read the same way and interpretation can become a game of Chinese whispers.

I am a big believer that all perceived disabilities are super powers! For example Elon Musk the richest person in the world has ADHD.

I would focus on the positives that ADHD gives you like higher performing brain function which can be a really good enabler for you to do things others can’t.

I know personally I believe you are a valuable forum contributor with heaps to add and we are lucky to have you here mate.

I think your suggestions are all good. The issue is that it depends on where people are in the game and if they are experiencing the same pain as you if the suggestion will be well received or flamed. Most of my suggestions also get flamed :smiley:

I can really relate to your post. I piss off people every second post without even trying. I also have what I think are good intentions but I also need results and I get frustrated when objectives and goals are not met. This unfortunately rubs people up the wrong way.

Apologies to everyone I have offended as well :slight_smile: I know I upset @MiinaNiina a couple of times and I appreciate the time she took to fix some of my prior posts which had incorrect information. The only way any of us get any better is with feedback. Constructive feedback is always harder to take than positive feedback but constructive is 10x more important.

I do joke around a fair bit and sometimes that can be taken the wrong way given how I can also be very serious on other occasions. My bad - ill keep trying to do better each day… small steps :slight_smile:


It’s the internet. They’ll get over it. You do you.

I must have missed some good stuff though, cause I didn’t see anything “out of the ordinary”.


Sometimes I feel my vocabulary lacks if that’s not off topic in an off topic thread I don’t know how ironic it’ll get. People and I tend to not get along because I’d rather butt heads.

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jaw hits floor

Noooooo, say it isn’t so! :wink:

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It sometimes is opposite but sometimes I just want to butt heads when it has to do with those argument threads :rofl:

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You are not alone. To be more precise with ASS and the wider fields of neural diversity. Thanks for sharing.

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Why is a industry or scientific field called this? Pardon the quote I tried looking it up a little literally didn’t get the acronym.

It is the german abbreviations for “autism spectrums disorder” :slight_smile: hope that helped


What’s the difference from ADS or ADD? Just a quick curiosity.

It’s a psychologic term. Autismus Spektrum Störung - Autism spectrum Disorders. In English is it ASD or only AS. Sorry for using it.


As an abbreviation?

In german it calls: Attention Deficit Syndrom (so. ADS) and in english it is Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). There is no difference, it stands for the same disorder/syndrome.

Side fact

Since 1994, all forms of attention-deficit disorder are calling “attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder” (ADHD), even the person isn’t hyperactive.

If this is what you meant.


Not what I meant, but that was also informative. :+1:t2:

Oh what do you meant?:sweat_smile:

If you meant to say ASD (seeing as Tami misinterpreted you; no issue there, because what she said isn’t false and actually aligns with what I’m about to say, and ADS is apparently an existing acronym), that stands for “Autism Spectrum Disorder”, which includes the standard form of Autism and its high-functioning form, Asperger’s. Autism is characterized by a more hardwired sensory system: for instance, some individuals exhibit some sensitivity to bright lights or loud (and especially unexpected) sounds, some have motor and balance issues or don’t like the texture/other elements of a food so they choose to discard it, and autists in general are very perceptive to their surroundings and can point things out that most “neurotypical” people may or may not be able to detect. Anxiety (especially social anxiety) is also pretty common on the spectrum, and can cause masking (trying to “hide” autistic traits to fit in with the general population, for fear of not being accepted, which is also common among autistic individuals). You could liken ASD to the popular children’s fable, The Ugly Duckling, which follows a hatchling who is different, tries to be himself, and isn’t very respected for doing so. (For what it’s worth, he isn’t even a duckling; he’s a swan who was born into a duck family. But the element of him being criticized as he finds himself has a direct correlation to ASD.)

ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), on the other hand, is the outdated term for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder); this is characterized obviously by a deficient attention span and hyperactivity/impulsivity, but also by other emotional and cognitive elements such as irritability, memory issues, anxiety, mood swings, outbursts, and other symptoms. It’s kind of a mixed bag, and there’s much more to it than what can be noticed at face value.

A bearer of both conditions can be a “complication” when the symptoms of one condition clashes with the other: for example, autistic people are known to be detail-oriented and able to pick up on/remember small details (especially sequential elements such as letters and numbers) easily, but ADHD has a symptom that affects memory. (It’s mostly short-term memory; not short-term memory loss, just a poor short-term memory quality.) It sort of becomes a matter of whichever one wants to seize control of its host first, although that’s putting it in fairly dark terms; as stated above by DangerZone, it’s not all that bad. And this is the case with most comorbidities, which extends beyond Autism + ADHD.

While I still have the opportunity, I would like to link this thread to the conversation, made by our very own forScience. The thread was made as a result of a slight misunderstanding in a separate forum thread, and is a rambling sort, but it’s useful as it touches on some of the core aspects of ASD and a few other conditions.