A Plea From Players, Please Dont Start Winter With Fight Pits

Im sure this will fall on deaf ears, but I’ll still ask.


We started this fall season with Fight Pits as our first PVP and it was not popular at all. Fight Pits is already very disliked by many in the regular cycle but having it at the start of a season is the worst possible time to run it. It has the worst sigil payouts which really hurts many people during discount weeks. We already will have breeding as the 2nd event which has the worst overall possible sigil payouts. Combining these two events at the start of the season will hurt many players
After this fall season people are really losing interest in the game. We need to start the season off with something for people to look forward do. Fight Pit doesnt do that. In fact many teams basically just skip the event after hitting LTP

Please run Team Gauntlet instead. The updates to FP did nothing to actually make the event more enjoyable or to give better rewards. After how bad this current season went, we do not need to kick off the next one with such an unfavorable opening of events.

Do you want to see Fight Pits as the first pvp event?

  • Yes
  • No

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Bro who voted yes? :joy:


PG abandoned the forums.


Be careful…. The more No’s get selected the higher chance FP will be the first pvp….

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I honestly do not care much for how good these fixes to FP are. My biggest issue is that FP provides the lowest about of rewards from any given PvP event, which by no means helps with what we have to do during the first two weeks.


It’s already going to happen, we all know it. They waste high-paying pvps at the end of seasons like we just had and stick us with terrible ones at the start.


While I voted no for this, what I care more about is to keep the order without changing. I want pattern consistency, so that we know what to expect whether we like it or not.

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The next best thing is to flood them with ticket requests.

Noted. We’ll be more mindful in avoiding events that were ran to kick off previous seasons for new ones. As much as we’d like to replace this upcoming Fight Pits event, we just can’t since the team has already been in the works of getting it implemented. But we hear you guys, and we’re trying to improve on Fight Pits (which is why our last update to this event was to help address the grindy/chore-like concerns that many players reported). We’re aware of that many folks on here aren’t fond with the payouts. Just like how we evaluated and eventually adjusted our value packs (last week), we’ll take a look at event rewards.


Don’t do that. That doesn’t help players that actually need help. This is a good way to get yourself banned.


Now, if you fix the rewards to fight pit. While youre working on it, will you put it on hold like you did with the last fix? Or will it still run while changes to the rewards are being worked on?

If any of this doesnt make sense please let me know and ill try rewording it. Sadly im not fully awake at the moment so thats the best my brain can do at the moment

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It’s a little over a week away and we have seen a few times in the past that you guys can change your minds about the pvp event and run a different one. I seem to recall one time people didnt want Kingdom Wars after it was announced on a Monday on the forums and it was changed to something else.

That update didnt address any of the complains about fight pits though. No one was ever complaining that megas took too long except maybe the top of the top of spenders. All Ultra attacks did was allow us to spend even less time playing the event when changes should make us want to play the event more.

Yes please


It’s not like this is the first time someone has speculated that fight pits was likely to be the first event of next season and wished for anything else. But the first response we get is well it’s too late to change it?


Why cant it be changed?
More importantly why was it even chosen for the 1st pvp in the season anyway after people were upset over getting it during week 2 this season? This is not new information that we do not like FP because of the terrible prizes and we’ve asked repeatedly over the years for it not to be run at the start of a season.


Not only is Winter season starting with Fight Pits its then followed with the lowest sigils earning event - Breeding. I already hate Winter Season before it even started. Absolutely awful start of the season.


Perhaps the fix is just to make fight pit sigil payout on par with the other pvps?:thinking:


That wouldnt be the fix because even if they were, the points per attack is much lower so to reach those higher prizes you’d have to spend a lot more rss doing mind-numbingly boring attacks. They really need to also increase the base points of every attack in FP. bare minimum 1 super with 3 IF in the Pit should give 1000 points and then higher in each arena. As it is you wont get 1000 points from that attack unless you’re in the coliseum.

FP either needs point multipliers or higher base points or the bonus meter. Something to make actually using rss worthwhile


:eyes: PG intentionally give FP at the start of event right?

  • less prize means more possiblity player to spend to reach their target :rofl:
  • more money for the company

No one cares if the same event is the first every season. Crystal caves first every time would go down well for example.

A lot don’t want fight pits ever as it’s not great and rewards are low for the rss used. A real heavy majority don’t want it in the first two week ever. It’s a rss pit a time pit and a enthusiasm killer.

If the event was fun I would not really care about the rewards but nothing about the event is good.

On a side note how will raids work are they like last time or have you fixed them?


Goodness me. What a cynical (and in my opinion entirely accurate) view.