A question about defensive riders

Are defensive riders attached to a dragon or a perch?
Reworded: You can equip some riders with dragons. Do you equip defensive riders with perches, then?

You can bond rider to a dragon.
You can station dragon with a rider on a perch…
The latter is how defensive rider’s ability is being utilized

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Important: BOND (stupid auto correct) dragon to rider before placing on perch. A dragon already on a perch has to be removed to add a rider.


Yep. Learned this the hard way. It’d be nice if you could bond a rider to a perched dragon.


The problem is that the dragons are so high up, and they can’t leave the perch, so the rider can’t get up there to bond with them. That’s why it doesn’t work.


Well, you’d think that someone would be smart enough to add stairs to the perches so the rider could leave for a pitstop or food break while the dragon’s stuck up there for the first 24 hours. After that, I suppose the rider could convince the dragon to leave the perch long enough to take care of their puny mortal needs :joy:


You can buy the stairs for 4k rubies :speak_no_evil:

Seriously tho… one thing that would be nice is to allow defensive riders to go on quests… mine is almost 3 stars… I want that loot yo!

in the end, rider dictates the dragon. :smiley:

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