A question about Ember

I am only level 45, so if this is a newbie question I’m going to apologize in advance. Do the spell attacks get stronger when you evolve? As you move up in the game will it be necessary to evolve him to use the death gaze as a one shot kill? I have a few iTunes gift cards to use up and was wondering if I should go ahead and evolve him now even though he does what I need him to at my current level (purchase for future?) Wouldn’t have considered this before the healing time update (Thank you PG!).

i wouldnt evolve him personally, there are better packs out there

Death gaze kills any tower no matter the level so you don’t have to level him for that purpose, no.

some spell get stronger in damage when dragon level up but deathgaze is absolute killing. no matter what level or which building it is, a deathgaze shot will blow it up for good

Evolving to purple might be worth your while. Not for death gaze, as others explained that will always stay a one-shot spell. But purple Ember has cloak, which adds a lot of versatility.

The stones beyond purple don’t add much usefulness and are a lot more expensive to boot, so I’d skip those if I were you. Better sink those time cards into more months of Elite.


totally forgot about cloak.

Haven’t utilized cloak much so far, but maybe as I progress I’ll learn how to use it properly

Personally I think a cloak and death gaze dragon with instant heal is worth the $5.

Beyond that it is too expensive for what you get.

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