A question on balance


Probably all of them, or none of them, or somewhere in between that.


Absolutely. Not just any level 387 is soloing JL, with defense. Already enough of a pay to win gap no need to extend it further.


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Thats not true anymore

A magical perfect base with lvl75 towers up to island 6 and 2 max perches takes you to lvl 511


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:eyes: Did someone break you and turn you into a sheep?


Where the hell did you get that from?

I’m absolutely not advocating that.

I’m asking how all the lvl 300-400s would feel about their bases and the cost to upgrade them if we changed it so all the lvl 100s could take them down

You expect someone in your lvl and progress band to compete with you with the reasonable expectation of a 50/50 outcome. And the reasonable expectation that you could revenge to get your resources back or similar points in pvp etc

You expect someone at half your progress or less to not be able to do this right? And thats the point - a 387 is at half the progress or less base wise than a 511 etc

No one expected to beat a lvl 400 base when they were lvl 150, yet suddenly when they reach lvl 380ish now they suddenly want this to be the norm?


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I’ve probably written five paragraphs, and each time I delete it because I think I’m coming across too abrasively. So I’m just going to go with this:

I’m sorry if I misrepresented your position. It just seems that this is what you’re looking for - some way for the people who have paid to have a level 500 base to not have their base taken down by people who have only paid for a level 387 base.

You asked the question of why anyone should spend to level past 387; the answer is, there’s no reason, mechanically, to do so (yet). I have a good friend of mine who, when he was in his mid-300’s, I told to slow down on the leveling, and stop at 387, because there’s no reason to go any farther if it’s going to cost more money. He didn’t listen. He’s 409 now. And he just came to the realization that he doesn’t have to go any higher. On the plus side, he (like you and everyone else in the stratosphere of base levels) will be able to breed the next tier of dragons as soon as they come out. But that doesn’t help the problem you’re trying to discuss here, it only makes it worse.

I guess I just don’t know what else to say here, other than “holy shit, stop spending money”.


So lets lock everyone at their current level and dragon till January…

Nothing new for anyone. Not a single tower level or new dragon or anything. Zero for all non pvp events.

Sound like fun?


This is a pay2win game*

Every game needs revenue, every game is pay to exist, some are just pay2win and others offer more balance incentives to pend money.


Can’t understand clearly if you want lvl600 unbeatable or…

I would like to know how many lvl600 there are right now and how many lvl387 can solo those bases


The way I view it is this:
The unofficial level cap (currently 387) for power is known by everyone. This is the number set where you can have maximum attacking power. People who go over that level do so of their own choice. They decide to spend that extra cash to have a longer base of max towers to make it harder for people to take their bases. These people are fully aware that anyone at 387 will have the possibility to defeat their bases and they choose to level further anyway. What they do get by ‘over-levelling’ are these positives:
-more max level towers allowing for a variety of base defense strategies
-no level grinding needed when the next tier comes out
-bragging rights
Honestly I do think a 387 should be able to take out a 600 for the simple reason that 387 is the number that has been set for current potential max attacking power. Going over that is a conscious choice and an investment in the future of this game.


None of the above

I want to know the rational for letting a 387 be able to clear a 600, yet not allowing a lvl 50 to clear a 387


I think you’re attributing a lot of intentionality in the design process that simply wasn’t there when level 50 existed. From what I gather, when Gold was the top tier, the concept of a level 387 base was unheard of. PG bought an existing game and turned it into a cash cow by allowing people to spend an unlimited amount of money in exchange for unlimited base-level growth. The problem is that base-level growth does not necessarily directly equate into comparable defensive performance.

I guess this could be fixed by allowing more supershots at higher levels? That way you could power multiple kill zones when defending, rather than really focusing on only one, and if they get past that, they’ve won.


This I can get behind. More supershots for huge growth is fair enough. Even if it’s an extra 2. Maybe it could be applied to any defender that defends that base gets a flat 2 extra supershots, so a potential 6 overall. Then you actually have to be really really skilled to get through


I’ll just say it and I think at lest some ppl will agree here
Whole statement that any 387 can beat 500-600 with def is absolutely wrong
There is 5-10 ppl In a whole game who can do it
IF it was same for ANY 387,even with maxed gear, some teams could have be killed in wars with 0 effort
So far it haven’t happened
Which means,that’s it’s more exception of rules.

Which makes me frustrated,because I’m not quite sure,why we must punish ppl for having skills to do this

Let’s say,I have maxed base in my team
And someone hitting it with Itzani or Pathox and I’m using all ss in first island
Or,I have middle lvl base in team,but with 75s and some trash small lvl towers in front.
And I’m ss them
Or…I’m having 300ish lvl base and someone hitting it with Nec,and I’m SS flaks
Does it make dragon by itself OP?
No,it make me a moron,who can’t defend
I have a weak ass base with few 60s but decent gear
And it shooted down 50 lvl Itzani at first island
Why this person can’t fly threw? Because he apparently doesn’t have enough skills

My team had a Great War few days ago
Person with maxed Oni and gear can’t go threw 370 isn’t base with def
While skilled flyer with hunter can

It have absolutely nothing to do with lvl of player
If someone can fly-he will got it.

Currently it’s possible to do tho with skills
If we will make changes it will be impossible
But it will be possible to buy win in wars ONLY because of player lvl
Which will benefit only few teams in game which will have at least one person this lvl
They will be able to fight strong teams
And they will be able to destroy ALL other teams in Wars and atlas regardless,of they will have any flyers in team or won’t
They can have one maxed base and 49 lvls 1
If it will be be unbeatable there is no point to start fighting back (if enemy team doesn’t have anyone close to 600s) :woman_shrugging:t2:
I’m agree in 99% of situations with you,my friend.
But here I can’t agree,unfortunately(((
I was that person who take on myself rage from ppl,advocating a lot of spenders needs and requests
And I do agree that PG must do something to let them use money to have fun
But it doesn’t mean that they must be able to be invincible for all others.
Especially with current lvl of cheaters who can stay up for months (


Idk I don’t really have a lot of familiarity in this area as I’m still mid 200s…

However I will say this… the game isnt persay made to stop at lvl 387… that may give u max attack or whatever… but you can still progress… so there should not be this empty gap of pointlessness between the 2 levels…

I would he super pissed if a lvl 100 came by and smashed my 250 base… but I know thats not gonna happen… as I’m sure a lvl 600 is super pissed when a lvl 387 does this to them…

Maybe the next few tiers of dragons need to have lvl locks on them… for example…
To get the next tier must be lvl 450…
Next tier lvl 500…
Next tier lvl 550…so on and so forth… unless that’s how it already is…

All I know from what I keep seeing…the 300+range isnt any fun hahahaha


Sure it is. Because the level 100 is going to be backed by the level 600’s Vanguard Oni.


Lmao :joy::joy: yea in that instance maybe hahaha