A quick suggestion for this weeks breeding event

So when we have a fortification event we have been getting 3x lumber production.

My suggestion for breeding this weekend and maybe from now on is to cut the time for token missions to reset in half.


Or give 3x egg tokens to celebrate the forthcoming, extremely expensive, release of the new tier…

Edit - 3x tokens from missions, chests, and event rewards. And that won’t even put a dent in it…


halfing the xp that one time was nice too :eyes:


Give us 3x food this weekend! Have dragons to expert


Also, allow us to use Food Boost during storage upgrades :pray:
Perhaps through farms…


Like that as finally I never understood the “role” of the storage to help boosting the farms output other than being the access point to the boost itself.

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Didn’t they double the egg token payout during breed event a couple years ago? I think they stopped doing it when they introduced the token boost line in seasons. I agree though, double tokens or double food would be great right now :grin:

Breeding still has double tokens as always, it just doesn’t stack with the boost.


Double token payout still happens today. It just don’t stack with Seasonal token boost.
@Morreion beats me :sweat_smile:


I’m sure it’s been discussed before but this makes no sense to me. Potentially 3 weeks out of a season where the boost is irrelevant. It should definitely stack. In my opinion.

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I would say no to stacking. The cost of the boost already takes into account that it is for 10 weeks of a season and not 13. No one is paying for something they aren’t getting.

I would prefer myself that the missions times were halved, rather than payouts doubled, but that’s just me.


They did double your egg token boost one time when there was a bug and people’s boost wasn’t working for like 6-8 weeks. So they doubled the boost to 200, 250% respectively for the rest of the season. Should be the new norm if you ask me. A small way to appease the mob.


I believe it’s after the discussion on how the “apology gift” be handed out…
There was another issue as well, which gift was mistaken as the gift for broken boost.

I hadn’t thought of it that way round.

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