A quick word of caution for seasonal defensive rider gear

So I’ve been highly anticipating this defensive rider for over six months. Finally a chance to narrow a portion of the ever widening gap.
Saved my sigils (other than token boost) and on its release I shall have it. Yay! I am happy (as much as possible without seeing percentages) with what I saw on the FB stream in regards to his attributes. I decided I would actually go second page and get his armor since there’s no way to know when I can craft my own and every little bit helps. Having made that decision I grin with anticipation waiting for the last bit of info I need, elemental type. What dragon do I get to put on my perch!?! Excitement mounts. Then I hear it. Fire!!! Yay! Wait… What…? I rack my brain thinking of a Mythic fire and fall short. Now somewhat leery I dash off to my castle and search every drag. Two, there’s two Mythic linage drags with fire element, Mehaten (Sapphire) and Rhyo (Obsidian). Trying to keep positive I say to myself, there must be more in the divines so I dive right in. One… there’s one Mythic divine with fire, Corthanak. So while I’m still really glad there’s a defensive rider I guess he gets to go naked and show off those perfectly drawn abb’s because there’s no need to waste all those sigils for armor that I can’t use. Sigh…
Honestly I believe the defensive rider should be generic when it comes to element and I find it hard to believe the element they gave us is the least useful one in the game. So my advice is get the rider skip the gear.

Edit: Better advice is make sure you can use the armor before you buy it.
I’m following my original advice :joy:

2nd Edit: Through this thread I have learned that I was mistaken. I tested by placing ice armor on a chaos rider and found that the seasonal riders are indeed generic and any gear can be equipped to them regardless of their given element. Being that this armor is going to have the only defensive boosts that I have access to for a while I may change my mind once the stats come out and save it for a future Mythic. It wouldn’t be the first time I ignored my own advice.

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and you think you have a right perch for mythic dragon?

I’m not sure exactly what you are asking. However I’ll give you my perch stats.
I have all three.
Seagazer is 45 emerald
Riverwatch is 37 garnet
Stonespear is 31 sapphire
Personally I only use Mythics on my perch’s because that’s where the greatest boosts are. For those that don’t have Mythics the armor might be just fine since that opens up the roster a little more.

I really wish I had your problem :laughing: I’m just a few perals short of being able to stick Meh on a perch :joy: Here’s to hoping there are pearls in the prizes for the defense rider.

Edit: By a few pearls, I mean I need 625 more :sob:


That makes to much sense but I’ll hope right along with you. :wink:

Curious, why isn’t Mehaten a good choice for a mythic perch dragon? That’s been my plan all along since I stuck Drakius there for now and he’s Fire as well.

:joy: sometimes it feels like Logic and PG can’t co-exist :rofl:


If you could stick a garnet or an emerald dragon on a perch, why would you settle with a sapphire one? I think that’s his issue more than anything else. It’s like a dragon downgrade in order to make use of the armor.

All three are good drags for perches however as Liz said I have to either downgrade or use Corthanak who I don’t have and Rhyo’s nerf might make him the perfect candidate but he isn’t even a drag I plan on breeding for another year and a half. For me the armor is useless and I was actually going to buy it. For others it will work out great such as Liz who can use it on haten for a long time. I just want people to know before they grab something they’ll never use.


Since so many people have atlas today I think they need to make the riders not split glory. This is a huge negative that I feel needs to be spoken about. Season riders don’t need glory so why are they taking it away from the atlas rider. They don’t even use the same shards :woman_shrugging:

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Sorry, this made me laugh and laugh… I do agree with your point, though it is a bit off topic here and won’t make sense to the 99% who don’t have an Atlas rider.

  1. welcome to the wonderful world of rider specifics. Just be glad you weren’t around when the gear element type related to specific towers lol

  2. perches typically do negligible damage compared to all other towers on your islands, so putting an older dragon on them typically makes a negligible impact on the islands effectiveness.

  3. if you do have a max level perch va your tower levels and the perch does reasonable damage, then theythic ability may not be of greater value to you than the straight damage out put of the perch. That is for you to decide and balance, you can’t have the best of everything

TL;DR leave gear the way it is, you don’t get the best of both worlds 100% of the time, sometimes you have to make choices


Defender rider is generic though :thinking: like all riders… besides the class specific ones but even then as far as element goes u can slap em on any element

To skip the gear is absurd lol no way around it just gotta do it, unless i do not understand

Oh and mythic mehaten is not bad. 25% buff to base hp for a random tower every 4sec and then as far as dps when expert and perched combined with fire turret special and then stacked with ballista weakening the attacker can let perch build rage if they want. still got 7% weakening research left and much better runes to hunt for :slight_smile: …still need my perch stronger though

Btw does anyone know if the random tower every 4sec is that to towers still alive? Or just random spots so say if 2nd small island towers killed, will the 4sec buff try to apply itself to a spot where tower was already killed? Seems like its missing sometimes

I swapped rhyo off my perch for mafic… he was so useful for events like this, I might get the armor since I’m already 3/4 done with the sorcerer, so it looks like I get to swap back

Naked season riders can go on any dragon regardless of element but can only equip gear that matches their given element, this one can only wear fire gear. Once the gear is equipped he can only ride fire drags. A generic rider, like you find in atlas, can equip any gear that you chose. Again once that gear is applied the rider becomes element specific but you can choose what dragon you want to build your gear for and you can switch it whenever you desire. The season rider is even less of a comparison to the atlas rider because of this limitation.

I have dark gear on my Kayla, and it functions perfectly.


It would have been nice to let players choose the element for the armor for the defense rider, as it can’t even be effectively swapped with the already existing seasonal armor a player might have. The dark gear I got with Grogg is useless on a defense rider.


Oh i see what ur saying, yeah atlas is a must lol

I was wrong… :man_facepalming:t3:
When I tried to equip cross element gear before I must have screwed up somehow because I wasn’t able to do so. I just went and spent a couple hundred rubies and you are correct. I can apply any gear to any rider. The riders are indeed generic.

Edit: learn something new every day :joy:


Now that you realize this is incorrect…could we perhaps edit the OP as to not confuse the poor souls who don’t read whole threads?