A Search Option in the In-Game Store

I am personally a f2p player (unless, of course, not having spent on elite in over 1.5 years still counts as e2p). I have never splurged on packs in the in-game store. However, I believe that this suggestion will aid the whales and less-heavy spenders in their search for packs that give precisely what they are looking for.

Perhaps I haven’t been paying much attention, or I simply have not looked at all of the packs enough times to be able to truly tell, but there are a lot of (if not, quite a few of) packs in the game’s store to choose from. I think that for the spending players, whether they are a heavy or frequent spender, or they are just spending to quickly (or immediately) get something that has captivated them and aroused their interest, there should be a search function. Here is how this search function would work:

  1. First, the player would obviously go into the in-game store.
  2. Obviously, the second step is to find the search bar. Should be easy enough, right?
  3. The next step would be to type in keywords. These “keywords” would have to be precisely what you are looking for. Say, for example, you were looking to acquire some extra tokens. You would type “tokens” or “breeding tokens”, and it would then pull up all of the packs in the store that contain breeding tokens.
  4. Once you get your results, you obviously select a pack and buy it. You can choose to organize your results from the highest amount to the lowest amount, or the lowest amount to the highest amount. This optional aspect of the search feature will pertain to whatever keyword(s) you put in your search bar.

This suggestion would make the process of choosing a pack, and buying it, much faster. It would make finding things in the in-game store much easier for those that spend a lot.

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Or, you could just spend a few seconds scrolling left to find the pack that you want? There’s only 12 main game packs and 8 atlas packs. It won’t kill you to take those 5 extra seconds to find what you’re looking for.


Their time would be much better spent looking at the contents of the packs and making it more worth while to spend in order to aid progression rather than having the same contents for the past god knows how many years


@moderators this thread can be closed now please :slightly_smiling_face:

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Please think if it’s a good idea to ask before opening a new thread about it jalen


You mean it’s possible to not open 20+ threads per day? :scream:

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sky is the limit

I will admit that I did think it was a good idea at first.

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