A “Similar Bases” Tab

Similar Bases Tab - Initial Concept

We all have those bases that we find, we attack, and we want to keep for future practice. Oftentimes, we get the desire to keep from making it seem like we are trying to farm the player (unless you really don’t care), when in reality, their base is just perfect for practicing dragons. How does one overcome this dilemma?

With a similar bases tab of course! With this feature, there will be an additional tab, one that extends out to the side of the bookmarks tab. To get this to work, you’d have to bookmark that player. You have your matchmaking, then your bookmarks… you click on that bookmarked player with the oh-so-perfect base that you oh-so-must demolish, and you get a tab that protrudes across the base-view map; another tab where you can view bases similar to the one you selected from bookmarks. This way, players can attack the same type of base, and not have to feel guilty about the excessive farming of one player.

But not everyone has the same base layout…

I have a solution to this! If there aren’t very many bases with a similar layout to the one you have selected, the system will just automatically pick some bases that have a remotely similar layout, with only a few towers switched. If there aren’t very many of those, and the selected player’s base is that unique, it’ll simply say something like “Sorry. There are not enough bases similar to the one you have selected.”

Hidden initial concept ends here.

Edit: I’ve decided to change how this works. I will be hiding everything above, so everyone can still read what I put initially. The aforementioned problem, and my solution to the problem, will remain how they are with the new edited concept.

So, still taking into account everything I put before I made this edit, I’m just going to make one minor modification to the suggestion. I’m going to go ahead and make the protruding function of the tab just be another tab underneath where the bookmarks tab is. An extra tab covering the base-view map sounds a bit preposterous.

So instead of extending over where you would look to view the base, an utterly ludicrous function indeed, it would just be another tab underneath the bookmarks.

  • Polite. Ask for permission, bookmark, and farm.
  • Direct. Just farm. Send a smile or a wink later.

@moderators this thread can be closed now please :slightly_smiling_face: (never mind about the suggestion)