A simple discussion about the state of our game

I have played this game for many years along with many of you who come to the forums. We come bc we feel some sort of attachment to this game. Can be sentimental or financially. Both if you are like me.

Let me get straight to the point. Our game is slowly losing players. Before anyone jumps down my throat about “game dying” bs, look at the number of “active” players. 32k isn’t an active game. When even 5% of that number is alt accounts, that number is staggeringly low.

We have had discussions about “low level game play” and “getting new players” and yet, here we are. 32k people out of billions clinging to a hope and a dream. So how is this fixed?


Says "get straight to the point " then goes off tangent… good job bo


There are a few things. One how do you make it enjoyable for new players. How do you make them relevant in a time they don’t mind waiting? If you tell them how long it will be before they are relevant and they don’t drop it instantly, that’s a good start

BUT you also need to look at the upper end. People ARE bored. Atlas is stagnant, and when it isn’t it requires almost 24 hours a day work depending on what goes down. Events are tedious. Stuff is absurdly expensive.

Ask most high level players if they would recommend the game and I would put money 80% would say no. That is a problem. Players don’t recommend it. Players actively feel the need to discourage new players from joining. We need the game to be more fun. We need LESS chores. And we need things that don’t take literally hours to do. We all have lives outside of this. We need to make linage dragons fun and rewarding to fly. I can count on one hand the dragons I remember being usable from red to eldritch now (not at mythics yet).

Honestly the game just needs to feel like less of a chore and more of a game. I miss the days of being excited to log in and fly. I miss the days of trying to learn mechanics. Right now it feels like the game is log on, do chores, do event chores, do quest chore, get sigils for seasonal dragons that I mostly won’t use to get one or two mythics a quarter, then log off. A small spike of excitement when you get that mythic but that’s a day long thing at most.

We do need some stuff that’s hard to get but not in a “you better spend to get it” kinda way

I would also personally say there needs to be more skill based rewards. Everything is grind or pay to earn. Assault was the only thing that wasn’t.


This is an excellent breakdown of what I mean!

It’s tough, I think, because the game is so expansive. I remember when I first started playing Harbringer Legendaries were end game. Even back then, it still seemed unobtainable. (I’m still not end game, by the way.)

I wish they could just delete Red through garnet tier. Start everyone at emerald. Then no one has to complain about Hau anymore. :sweat_smile:

And don’t even get me started trying to teach a new player atlas!


This one definitely needs to be very high on the list and yet it seems to be a second thought


But I love hau :cry:

Haven’t had to do that in a couple years and even I remember how miserable it is :joy:

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can i Atlas in somewhere?



I think more people joined/get referred if the game wasn’t glitchy. This June I picked up WD again after nearly 3 years of being inactive and quit again. There have been too many glitches and I feel like gameplay wasn’t the same as it was back in 2016.

:skull:Atlas teams have it harder because not only do you need to explain Atlas, but you need to explain the whole game in general. And some people don’t even use the wiki, or know where it is.


It’s mainly about PGs and their stupid decisions themselves, not going through all situations and all possibilities could happen before implement changes.
First, let’s admit, their support system is shitty, you can’t keep saying to your players the same phrase every time they get into issue with your game: clear app - clear cache, cookies - redownload- restart the game. It’s just like the way I fixed our computer every time the screen got frozen when I was at elementary school. It is only fixed in temporary but the situation got worsen and then when the computer reached over its limited, it was broken.
2nd, some of their changes didn’t lead them to anywhere. Sure, you cannot not please everyone, but if you turn your game from an entertaining tool to a burden, then expecting your players, even long term players, leaving from your game, which exactly what PGs are doing right now with reduce time blockage and changes in electrum line and so on. Nobody enjoys burden of playing in a virtual world, they already got enough burdens with RL already, reduction in blockage time created huge burden of playing to ALL players and a small joy of playing to SOME players. Some may enjoy it in a short time but MANY may leave because of the burden it created in long term.
3rd, infinite issues with : lag, glitch, bug , hacks and cheat engines. If you want to maintain your playerbase and attract more new players to your game, you have to made it work smoothly. Everyone all hate lag, glitch and bug, it strikes directly to their gaming 's experience and cause frustrating, no one enjoys that. Hacks and cheat engines also share the same effects.
4th, innovations and playstyles: keep rotating over the same events, which are super boring, without any effective innovations also not going to hold player’s feet or attracting new players.
Final one, be responsible and transparent : don’t just implement changes without warnings to your players, inform them, ask for their opinions, ask your game 's community in official website, don’t just getting over some “representative players” chosen by you. Inform to a closed group of people changes without noticing to the rest of community is just the same with: not informing to everyone but just acting on your own will.
It is very easy to implement in multiple of reasons for what they-PGs did, which resulted in losing players: big reasons, small reasons, macro reasons, micro reasons, those are all not worth any pieces to look over. Instead, they should be looking straight on the current situation, come up with any ideas they can think over, get them reviewed by communities and finally implement. Researching to find solutions to overcome, not making excuses for what you did, no matter how horrible it is.

  • So it’s a burden AND a delight to some players? I don’t mean to sound rude, but how is that possible?
  • How is it a burden? I’ve seen players complaining about how the blockade makes Atlas stagnant, and then a few of them said the same thing as they commended PG for reducing it. It’s also a very annoying feature to many players, myself included, so if anything… the blockade reduction was a good change.

Emerald tier was kinda awful though… (but still not as bad as garnet was)


Garnet wasn’t that bad. There were some at least “ok” dragons in it

I say as I’m about to go through it again :rofl:

Both tiers suck. Start players with obsidian tier instead :joy:


I could get behind that one! Everyone gets Noc as their first dragon :heart_eyes:


I really enjoyed Emerald tier!


Quit Job, Leave Family And Just play 24/7 that’s the current stat of this game :sweat_smile: Atlas is time consuming.


Emerald tier is the first tier where I did not breed all the dragons in the tier :joy: Though some of the dragon designs are really pretty in that tier. Ferga and Deci are especially neat looking.


One of the problems is, PG introduced too many tiers and tower levels. There is little enjoyment at end game with new dragons anymore as they don’t last long enough. This is the first season in a long time that I’m not getting a mythic, because whats the point? And the “timer line” being a legendary dragon that will last 4 weeks until the new tier benches it is a kick in the teeth on the way down.

When i first started playing, platinum was the highest tier. I saw all these dragons ahead of me and it was a challenge, something hard to reach but was do able. Something to look forward to.
For new player’s, unless you drop a ton of cash, its not possible. It took me just over 3 years to get to the final tier of dragons as they kept introducing new tiers. How long would it take a new player that started today to do that? If i started today and the max tier was verdant and not platinum, I’d uninstall right away and not bother. So end game players don’t get time to enjoy dragons and new players can never get there. What they should have done was extend the time tower levels were capped and extend the time a tier is the max. Have 20 dragons in the tier if need be. But at least it means that newer players could reach that tier easier and end game players got to enjoy the dragons longer.


This. I can think of multiple people I play other games with who are looking for new games. I do not feel I can suggest WD because I do not believe they would find it fun. Granted they are the type of people who want to be near the top in every game they plan, about the equivalent of S1/D2. If PG streamlined the game economy and made it easy to get near end tier, say T-2. That’s the biggest gate for me to suggest the game to new players.