A simple QOL request about ingame Emails

I’d like to raise once again the bizzare prioritization of ingame emails.

Currently we get 100 system notifications that still includes all the wood/food which blows out this list every two weeks with rss events. It also includes applicant emails, which are important.

  • I’d like to see this list have a toggle setting to not display/ auto-delete rss notices.

We get 100 ‘News’ emails - and mine dates back to AUGUST. No one really needs to know what event happened 3 months ago, nor that Wars were disabled or enabled. There is zero value to this old information.

We get 75 ‘Sent’ emails

And we only get 25 ‘inbox’ emails. WHY?
To make matters worse, it doesn’t matter if you delete a few in the inbox, it won’t display any older ones. So if you randomly get a bunch of emails you can loses an important conversation thread.

Understanding that email box blowout used to be a cause of lag / issues for players, I would like to rearrange these priorities/ numbers.

I would like to propose that

  • “News” gets reduced, and becomes the one limited to 25 emails.
  • “Inbox” gets increased to 100 emails
  • “System” can stay at 100, OR reduce to 75 with no RSS notices
  • “Sent” can stay at 75

Such a little thing but would be of great assistance especially to officers and leaders.


I would be careful with what you screenshot it is kinda a good idea about changing mail even though I scrolled pasted what you typed because I saw the team name and thinking maybe be careful about showing us your team and who joined your team etc.

I to0 would like to know if you regularly hit your Allies gates…

It would be nice to see this change.

But then… it won’t have any effect on me as I usually keep my mailbox empty/cleared except sent box that I use instead of bookmarks for balloon missions.

Buddies I made in this very game and all members -that matter- of the teams I am a part of usually talk to me through one or more 3rd party apps, such as whatsapp or line, and those are where the important conversations get saved.

If I think back the reason I ended up using 3rd party apps to chat was because of the inconvenience, so… having this QoL will sure be nice.


Kinda seems like a rude friendly fire but who cares about that right now when it’s a suggestion.

Yeah, bad redacting on my part. Removed those ones. Left the ‘news’ one cos August.

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If you want to repost them make sure to get the updated ASAP that or crop images.

Refresh the page, should all be gone but the one.


In all honesty if they increased the inboxes they would get so cluttered it’s not going to be funny.

Thats why my proposal is net zero change, just flipping which gets 25 emails and which gets 100. Not asking for an overall increase.

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we know her team shes leader lol she dont care shes a fighter and fought half the folks on the forums

Yet many people fight me cause I’m annoying XD

shes d1 has faught the tops there a difference lol she has earned many folks trust and respect


That’s the first thing I’ve ever seen you say that I agree with. Flagging myself now :joy:


can always just select all - delete. It takes a few seconds, unless it decides to spin until you restart, because… reasons… :slight_smile:

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The one issue with increasing the inbox size from 25 is that they nest. Especially when it is a team email that everyone replies to. Those 25 can actually become 1,000+. The other larger boxes are all 1 deep messages.

Good point. Not sure what the solution is.
Perhaps grant extra inbox space to leaders and officers only? Will have a much smaller impact than all 50 players on every team.

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