A suggestion to Atlas Infastructure

I recently had a thought about improving atlas infrastructure.

Currently, capturing a castle and maxing it’s infrastructure might not give any additional bonuses. For example, our team went from 8 to 9 castles (max infrastructure) and we didn’t see a tribute increase. (I’m not sure if anything else improved) This is because in order to see an increase in bonuses you must get enough “points” from your infrastructure to move into the next level of bonuses.

My thought is to abolish this bucket system and just have each infrastructure level add X amount of whatever bonus it gives. This is a bit more approachable way of managing infrastructure. It also puts a little more incentive for capturing a castle because it is guaranteed to give some bonus.

The system dosen’t have to be linear either, the reward per level could taper off if need be the idea would be that it would always add some bonus to keep things incentivized.

What about incentive of better ranking, which yield to more timers at the end of season.

That already is in place.
This suggestion isn’t necessarily a “how to re-engerize atlas” thread. Sure this might help, but re-energizing atlas will take much bigger measures. I’d say this is more about adjusting a little thing that will hopefully add a little incentive and make things a little easier for players.

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