A Suggestion to the LTB Portrait Branch for Fan Favorite Dragons

As nice as these past portraits have been, what I would love to see are some of the fan favorite dragons of the past be made as profile portraits.

I can think of no better way than to have them be as the Limited-Time Branch Portrait line as one drops each Season. This would ensure that they are of good quality and something people can work to get.


I personally like this idea. Really none of the premium portraits have been interesting enough to me to pay sigils for and my main has mostly been using the same portrait for the last 4+ years with the exception of when the Necryx portrait came out. That one I did change to for a while. A Chunk and/or Axi portrait is about all that would get me to change it

More dragon portraits may also help deal with all the complaining every time a male or female portrait comes out


I think this is a great idea. One dragon in particular might peak my interest enough to consider that branch. :grin:

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I want a portrait of my boy Imix.

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Yesss :sparkles::sparkles:too few dragon avatar pics enki apophe please


Dragons or animals in general. The temple raid portraits never really disappoint and theyre not really human, imps beinging the closes humans

Speaking of temple avatars no new ones?

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It doesn’t look that way.