A thought to improve wars

so my number one officer sent me an email with an interesting thought about wars. i remember when the defense tie breaker didn’t exist. i’m glad that was implemented but i think there can be some improvement in wars still. he said this:

‘You know what. I reckon PG should introduce a feature where if you’ve been attacked during a war unsuccessfully you should be given a shield to prevent a further attack within say 30 minutes or so. Phoenix storm attacked angrys base continually for about 30 minutes until they cracked it. As a team we threw hundreds of hammers at it. It’s wrong that they could do that. They won’t instigate it but I might suggest it.’

i kinda like the idea of a time shield after an unsuccessful attack. or maybe even limiting how many times a base can be attacked in the course of a war. if u can only hit a base, say twice, it would give greater weight to defensive efforts. it would also make the defense numbers for tie breaker not come into play as often. some wars in higher leagues would not even get to 250 on both sides cuz an oponnent got stuffed on two tries. would bring a whole new dynamic to wars. what do u guys think? just a thought.

cheers, sal

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Why? You’d have got so many free defence points from that. Doesn’t make sense you’d want to give that up.

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i get that man…but it’s also fairly annoying that someone has unlimited tries to take a base down. what we r suggesting is that the tie breaker be less of a war winner. this way a lot of wars could be won by flames and not defenses. i mean, i’m fine with how it is…my team gets upwards of 60 defenses a war. just trying to throw something out there to make it more interesting.

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I assume because the problem in my case in wars is that it takes me 15 hammers a run to save a base but 2 heals, 2 attack buffs and 2 hp buffs for the dragon to run again. Occasionally wars are lost because we simply get ground out of hammers and defensive buffs. The def point is a good reward but sometimes I feel like there should be some way of limiting attacks in a reasonable way. Although I’ve no idea what that is.


plus, defenses depend a lot on time zones. kinda unfair.

I feel like having a cooldown would totally kill the buzz when attacking. That’s one of the few enjoyable things that’s still there in war for me. There’s a lot to discuss when we think about making any changes to war. Any suggestions need to be really comprehensive, you can’t really just add something on to address a single issue. I’m not fond of the current system but it’s hard to find something that won’t bring more cons than pros


What about a maximum number of attempts in a time period say 5 attempts in an hour

I just dont see the point here either unfortunately. If anyone takes “unlimited” tries in war, generally end result is or will be a loss for that members team.

Only benifit i can see would be towards teams that were a man down and therfore unable to get the 250 flames unless that member returned to do their hit… would give that team a chance at fighting off attacks. All this being said i still think its not possible, it would unbalance the mechanics of war, how would u wave or decoy on bigs properly?

This would cause way more problems than solutions im afraid, but i do see the intent or goal of this though, to eliminate teams from spamming for hours

i think it should be more like 2 attempts an hour if u go that way. just exploring options. the current war system is not quite right. just looking for ideas to bring to pgs attention. could be much ado about nothing but it’s always not quite sat with me right. it needs fixing. the defensive battle tie breaker was a good start. but there is room for improvement imo.

What if each team only had say for example maybe a 15 run cap for every hour of war, only 15 leads or attempts per hour for each team.

Somethin like this could work, or maybe similar to how energy refills

If that 2 runs by a player on a base? This would effectively stop people from decoying which is not something I’d like to see

they wont change a thing in war and the idea of shield is also not right.
How do we complete the flames if we cant bait defender out of a really difficult and high level base? the attacker is already sacrifice the tie breaker just for a chance to win with 250 flames if the other team cant.

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Wars are the one thing that don’t need improvement, they are fun how they are.

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Wars LOL - This is Atlas Dragons now…

I also don’t like the infinite attacks mechanic, but as Gox said - for every pro a good idea has, it comes with 2 cons or ways to circumvent the spirit of the system.

I don’t like the shield idea personally, although it is one I haven’t seen mentioned before, so kudos for originality :beers: .

Hammers are part of the game yes, but duel hammer spam is just a low move. I like the idea of multiple attacks and swapping out, just to waste defenders hammers, I’ll try this now.

TBH I didnt even read your idea. It might be good, IDK. Im going to say the same thing here that I said in my own idea;

You are about the 500th person to put forward a war fix suggestion. PG has not acted on, or even responded to, any of them. They don’t want to fix war. We need to put pressure on them to force them to address the issue. That is more important right now than specifically how to fix it. Its not like they are going to use one of our ideas for that part anyway…

The problem with a cooldown timer is that it could prevent multiple people from attacking the base simultaneously. Decoys and multiple attackers is a solid tactic in most leagues to clear a hard base.

The problem with only being able to hit a base X times is that sometimes people’s game crashes. Also would have same issues as above.

Wars should be revamped but I haven’t seen an idea that would make the end result and experience better overall. I had an idea of using the number of dragons used for flames to give more points to solo attacks and 4 flames if u use a backer. Makes sense in an ideal world. But practically speaking, you’d launch waves on the big bases and it would be the battle of the Destars.

While your idea is innovative, PG will never implement it. Why? Because they want to make money, if you run out of hammers, you can always “BUY” more hammers. You are one in hundred people that will take their time to complain about the issue. Other 99 people might buy more hammers…

Good idea though, even though I’m not a fan of it.

What about an X hour cooldown shield once X defenses are reached instead? Say every 50 defenses, you get a 2 hour break from the war. Not saying those exact numbers BTW, just trying to be contributive rather than dismissive of the overall idea.

Just trying to build off your idea but not give a cooldown on a single attacker or a single base (which i’m not sure is fair) but as a whole for the team. People defend really hard, then they get to go run their multis and function as a team again, have a little break, before going back to defending.

Not saying there shouldn’t be conditions or restrictions, throw something out there that would be fair for ALL LEAGUES


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