A Tower That Slows Dragons Down

I think the majority of the player base has come to the consensus (a rare feat) that this era of speed demons and bulldozer dragons has royally deteriorated the quality of playing experience in this game. Competition has become remotely impossible without such dragons in the roster. But it’s not something that can’t be fixed.

It would seem plausible, though aimlessly pointless, to request a full-scale removal of the sole dragon (Krelos) that pioneered this mess of a system and put it into action, and to request that all current dragons with overbearing abilities (anything granting them an OP nature) be nerfed in flight speed or in overall power, but that seems like it’d be too much work to accomplish a simple short-term deed. And as always, you’d have the Dragon Rights Activists marching across the forums yielding their fists and attitudes expressing their concerns over how dragon nerfs are unfair and should be left unbeatable; we’ve had this debate before… here, here, and here overall. (Yes, that last hyperlink was intentional; you can find this stuff all over the forums.) So in light of what is obviously the superior view, as I unveil my alternative idea, we’ll leave all other ideas out to dry and let the much-appreciated exploits proceed.

We already have a tower in the game—the Cosmic Orrery—that speeds dragons through an island. Although this tower is beneficial to a defender in some respects, it is detrimental in others, mostly addressing the current meta of the game as a whole. It doesn’t even hit defenders in particular; attackers are handicapped by this tower if they fail to destroy enough towers to accumulate enough percentage to qualify for a successful attack before being pulled forward, because after that, they have to idle away more time dedicating a second dragon to the run. I suppose you could say that what this tower means for defense is that the speed meta exists on the defensive side but is absent on the offensive side as long as an Orrery is present and the first dragon cannot counter it, which puts both sides at a disadvantage but is still favorable overall.

My tower will have the inverse effect; my tower will slow dragons down, such that they’d be forced to contend with what’s in front of them before gamboling along to towers further ahead. The effect could presumably last up to 3 seconds, but the dragon would only slow down; it would never come to a full stop. For convenience purposes, it would not be allowed to be placed on an island where a Cosmic Orrery is present.

I think that this will directly impact and counterpoise the speed meta, restoring competition among players and livening the experience back up. Even players who enjoy the game as much as myself find fault with the speed meta, because the product of this meta is that you always have to worry about whether you are clearing fast enough or another player swoops in (like War Dragons versions of the Peregrine Falcon) and puts your time and effort to shame. Balance has to be restored. We’ve been skating on thin ice, and it’s time for it to break.

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I think ice turret slows down dragons

I’d suggest more detailed info on the suggestion, rather than simply saying it.

  • How does the tower slow the dragon?
    • If it’s by normal / supershot, what about the projectile?
  • Effect stats? (Effective radius if it’s Aura, slow percentage, stacking)
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Yess, Ice Turret is the Tower to slow them down, am currently testing 3 of them upfront, with 2 Volt Towers in back on Island 6 :slightly_smiling_face: Just need to level them all up more to see if good combination or not :woman_shrugging:

Would like to see upgraded versions for the Ice and Fire Turrets next, is sorely needed, and make them more valuable than did with originals, please :blush:

Just need a newer version of them or a combo between ice turret and the old school trebuchet

I didn’t have a full description at first to be honest. I was going to let the developers figure it out, should they ever decide on this.

I would probably make it a projectile that slows the dragon down gradually (around 10% per second, stacking until 3 seconds have passed).

Suggested this years ago.

Called it the Grappling Tower. High HP with moderate damage that fires a grappling hook ss which pulls the dragon back to the towers location. Yes, the super shot would fire behind the tower.

Would be an upgraded archer tower that had the ability to pull dragons back that had already flown by. Thought it would add a different element to defensive.


TL… DR… can somebody post a summary?

While I am not against a tower doing this. Hell I think it sounds fun. This doesn’t feel like it should be the issue. You aren’t solving speed meta with a slowing tower. You are just slowing speed meta. Slow dragons aren’t more viable. Everything is universally slower.

What we need is viability of non-speed classes. We need time for a run to not matter. Atlas being the key problem here with “he who finishes first wins” as its motto. I don’t know the solution. Maybe a simple, the person who triggered the attack gets theirs resolved first. Maybe that will break things. I don’t know.

Maybe buffing bases so that a more strategic playstyle is needed rather than this dogged “must solo fast”meta.

But players are so used to the status quo I am not sure any change will be painless


There’s literally only one :man_shrugging:

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"We need a tower to slow dragons down in the speed meta atlas "

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