A tribute to Nockmar

I started playing War Dragons in July last year halfway through the summer season. I chose Nockmar as my first divine mythic that fall. I was so happy when I got him. I flew him thousands of times just in the first few weeks. The nerf after the season ended devastated me at the time. The partial unnerf started to make things right again. I adapted to the new spell timings and started beating hard bases again.

I made a lot of progress last fort, which let me take Nockmar from level 123 to level 135. He’s at expert level now. He’s at the peak of his power. I decided to start trying the hardest bases on every team in my league yesterday to see how far I could go. I started with the easiest max point base and worked my way up to the top. I turns out I could beat all of them with Nockmar. Maybe not all on the first try. This video shows Nockmar against the highest DP base in my league in this PvP event.

This isn’t a thread for silly comments like “What if there were defenders” or “Didn’t you make all these mistakes” or “Barbend can do this in 30 seconds”. This thread is about love, not hate.

This is a tribute to my first mythic, my favorite dragon, the mighty warrior Nockmar. His time has almost come, but not quite yet.

  1. I love how you’re laying down the law. “No silly comments…” :clap:t3::rofl:

  2. You are precious and I’m super glad you enjoyed your first mythic! That’s a true gift in this game! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  3. I think you set a good example for practicing and trying to reach goals (beating all of the top bases in a high league with a not-quite-current dragon). It shows determination and I admire that. :1st_place_medal::trophy:


This was more of a suggestion than an actual forum rule. I don’t think Nockmar hate posts are considered bannable offenses.


Lmao I know.:hugs: I just thought it was respectable you asked for people not to sully the thread with nonsense.

I know you’re posting as a player, but sometimes PG employees will be very “PC.” Galileo used to get a little sassy with us instead of always coddling us and it was actually kind of nice. Helped to relate to him as a person.

So, maybe it’s the antagonist in me but I want to actually honor your wishes since you were (relatively) bold in asking for it. That’s all. :grin:

Anyway, back to your topic. :smiley::blue_heart:

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I loved Nockmar before the nerf but PG did sully it by how poorly they handled him.
He was super cool looking, Im a huge sucker for blue dragons and his leaderboard skin was even better.

… but those horrible hoof-claws though, those I hated. Hooves or claws, pick one, not both :see_no_evil:


Nockmar comes out for CC and sometimes doubles up as a perch alternate when I need my perch dragon for quests. Glad to know it can take 145s. It’ll still be relevant for CC then :laughing:

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I’m still flying Nockmar on my alt account. Love him a lot.


Nockmar :heart: The best dragon I have for hitting up undefended. (I’m ignoring Hauheset on purpose here.) I tried something similar in the last(?) fight pits: my verdant Nockmar (lvl115) against lvl140 towers (the max level at that time). Double orrery and lightning was tricky, but I normally managed to get 70% after a few tries. I retired Nockmar to my perch during the last building event, but I do miss having him in my roster in this event.


I love nockmar :heart:


Ok! I would like to wish @PGMatt a happy birthday !!!:partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::cake::lollipop::candy::birthday::birthday::birthday:


Nice video! :star_struck:
Thank you for sharing your deep love for your first mythic. :hugs:

The day of goodbye to Nockmar is approaching, but you will be able to meet him again in dungeons and temple guardian.


I love him and geared up with some nice runes/glyphs and rider & gear he is very usable on very high (undefended) bases.
I hope he will last a bit like my good old Gig whom I used for over a year until he went to a perch.

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Once you retire him he looks great on a Perch so you will still get plenty of use out of him yet !!

There is something definitely special about getting your first mythic especially if its a class that you enjoy

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Were you able to play around with him before the nerf happened? I really loved him and then he got screwed :joy:


he didn’t get screwed badly but I did see where a nerf was needed in this situation…he was pretty much invincible if rage was available.

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A buff to his freeze was never needed in the first place. All original Nock needed was a bit of buff to his damage and then the heal increase. There was no need to nerf him, they should have just restored him back to how he was before the buff. Post nerf Nock was easy to bring down since he couldn’t deal with hammers and mages, ice flaks and orrerys all coming at him at once.

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yeah but if you spam the freeze, shield, freeze then shield he was unhittable…I know for a fact because I was guilty of this and thought it was genius…I had no idea a nerf was in the works at the time.

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I got him before the original buff and the nerf. I was playing probably 8 hours a day and flying Nockmar more than half of the time. I don’t have the data, but I’m guessing I flew him as much as or more than anyone else before the nerf. I was obsessed with the game, and I loved my first mythic.

After the original nerf, I could beat harder bases with Imix and Gilas than I could with Nockmar. He didn’t feel like a mythic then. I learned how to fly him well again after they reduced the freeze cooldown to 5 seconds instead of 6. After all the buffs and nerfs, I could still beat any triple defended base at my tier. I could still hit up 100+ levels undefended.

This last Fight Pits event was the first time I could beat max bases. I made so much progress last fort that I was able to train Nockmar from level 123 to 135 (expert). He can’t get any stronger now, but towers also can’t get stronger for a little while. I’ll be able to beat max bases with him at least undefended for a while longer.

I was joking in the first post, but I wish I had gotten Barbend last season. Barbend really can beat bases in half the time as Nockmar if they’re at the same level.


I’m actually really glad you’re playing at a competitive level because, hopefully, you can be a bridge to the right people to shed valuable light on things like this.

While I haven’t always enjoyed all of my mythic choices, the ones that I really really loved (Calavore, as an example), seemed to go by so quickly!

We do spend a lot of time (in the very least) achieving these dragons and then they seem to be unusable relatively quickly. It’s sad. Cause you do get tied to the ones you really “bond” with.

It would be nice to see perhaps some slower progression so they don’t become obsolete so quickly. :blue_heart: I understand people will say, “you can use them in temple and assault and blah blah blah,” but they’re usually stripped of their riders and gear at that point and it’s just not the same. Plus, Temple only goes up so far in breeding tiers.


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I don’t think this will format correctly, but imagine this as the back group of towers on a long kill island. This type of layout was Nockmar’s kryptonite before and after the nerf. He can freeze the front 5 towers, then the orrey pulls him forward to get hit with the mage and ice flak supershots before he can freeze again. RIP Nockmar. Defenders had to know when to time the supershots to take him down pre-nerf.

He was far from invincible at my level pre-nerf, since I was nowhere near end game. I could hit up 100+ levels undefended, but towers were just too damaging to hit up higher. His shield became useless at some point when towers could break through it and kill him with one or two shots.

I wish he could go higher than level 135.