A tribute to Nockmar

I haven’t had to deal with this yet, but I know the time is coming. I have high hopes for Telment this season, although I just have him at legendary for now. If he does become my new favorite dragon, I won’t be able to enjoy him at a high level for as long as I did with Nockmar. I’m not even at the end tier yet, just getting close.

It was sad having to retire Barnov recently, my first seasonal dragon and my favorite before Nockmar. It’s less sad now that I have Garrvox, a stronger legendary warrior with more potential.


he my first mythic dragon as well iand my top favorite

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its always good the see PG getting involved on the forums but, whats this supposed to be :laughing:

when I did the freeze shield, freeze shield attack routine I used the Endless Nightmare spell on high priority towers in the back…throughout the flight towers were frozen or the shield was active…my base gets bullied from time to time but with Nockmar prior to the nerf, I was the bully…Hitting up was very easy. He’s still a go to dragon for me at Arcanum lvl 125 awaiting the hatching of Quilleth :grin:

Ice flak, howitzer for back of a island 1/4
Oreo, red mage, blue mage for front of island 1/4


The orrey in this case has enough time to pull Nockmar forward and get off a supershot, protecting the back towers long enough for the mages and ice flak to land. You just had to know the right timing as a defender. Endless Nightmare can only take out the orrey here if the other towers are shielded. Nockmar can’t deal with the back towers and the front ones at the same time before the freeze wears off.

Quilleth is a lot of fun. :slight_smile: I bred Quilleth early last fort to be able to make faster progress. Now I have Quilleth at level 50 and Nockmar at 135, both expert. I have a feeling they would have equal potential now if I was as good at flying Quilleth as I am with Nockmar, and if I had a maxed out set of mythic/exotic earth gear like I do for dark.