A Unintended Side Effect

So, thinking back to what made Gold Tier so much fun for me was the variety of dragons used and the variety of bases. You used to build bases to stop specific dragons and make subtle changes after watching it get beat. You couldn’t just train one dragon or design one base over and over. There was a lot more flexibility vs now.

I think a lot of this is just PG hiking up the cost of dragons/bases to the point where changing a single tower is thousands of dollars. Maybe one thing that would be a decent feature would be for you to be able to deconstruct a tower and get some of the rss back? Reduce the cost so people can and will level a variety of towers and dragons? @PGJared just something to think about. I doubt this really was something you guys thought about when you raised prices but it really does kill off the creativity of dragons and bases.


Great idea Panda.

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Resource return would be great and would benifit all level of players. Great Idea.:+1:

Yes it would! Trollolololololol

I like the idea!:+1: It would be great to use the elemental embers from my stored totem pole on a dark flak.

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I support this but it will have to be at a significant discount to the rss you used in the first place to build. Eg say only get 10% back. Otherwise what will happen is people will sandbag towers to store rss for fort events.

Edit: I hadn’t considered the levelling effect so that may stop the sandbagging…

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My question is, would it also allow player level to roll back, or would you be stuck at your current level? I can see drawbacks to losing player xp when deconstructing towers.

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Losing xp when deconstructing will encourage rss sandbagging as per my post above.

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When I started typing mine, I don’t think you’d added in that edit :laughing: and I couldn’t see all of your post as I was writing mine lol. I got distracted partway through with my alt account on my phone :joy::joy:


My friend and I have talked about this. Turning in stored towers for lumber packs. This would work.imo

Great idea! :+1: While we are at it can we take the damn glyphs off dragons too?

They don’t give them to us in season lines anymore. You cannot get out of silvers and the ones in event prizes are never worth anything! (How many rejuv glyphs can one possibly have?)
Basically you have NO CHOICE but to buy the extremely over priced runic chests to get a decent glyph and even getting a decent one out of there is rare!

I don’t buy them because of the price and I have gotten a few and came away with some dumb shit like Epic food
Production :joy:

New dragons released all the time but getting decent glyphs for them are not an easy task!

Off topic I know! Sorry :grimacing: But yeah I think it’s a great idea :grin:…Everyone makes all kinds of mistakes early on with wasting embers on different totems, ballista’s, etc of course it would have to do something With Xp so people don’t just build to load up on packs and come at a 10%-20% return on the original cost! Better then nothing and just sitting in the storage.

Glyphs on dragons might not matter…they just mildly change the name of the spell so that the glyphs are useless anyways.

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What is this mythical tower? Does it evolve into a legendary tower?

On an note more on topic… I think it would be nice, to be able to deconstruct towers for a portion of the cost.
I think a nice number for it to arbitrarily set it to is return 90% of the most recent upgrade, and 90% exp loss of the most recent upgrade as well.
In this sense, the tower that you upgraded 59 times is still gone, but at least you get to keep that XP for build+58 more upgrades. You still already used up 59 tower-levels worth of resources. In essence, you just lose a tower and only get about 50% of the benefits of the most recent upgrade.


I meant to say you only get to keep 50% of the benefits.

I think its a great idea, they can keep all the RSS, just refund the timers


Yes unfortunately I agree, both because you have to always keep the carrot on a stick, and because pg needs to make money. (This kind of game must evolve to keep the top players working towards something)

But I agree that I miss the variety. Instead of you must have new dragon A or new tower Z, it would be much better if there was more than one way to get a base. I wish all new dragons really were closer to equal with equally skilled people.

This is a great idea. I actually don’t care about the resources. Just to be able to have no mistake be permanent. If there was any kind of reward, I’d rather see like 50% of the time it took to upgrade it in speeds or something. This would allow towers to be in and out of favor and for us to maybe actually keep a few towers in storage that we swap out based on who was attacking. I think the power added to the player level ideally would somehow be nice to undo as well so a player could reduce level truer to tbeir actual abilities. (Might be too difficult, and I doubt anyone on the top cares)


I am right there with you. It is boring and disheartening to keep seeing the same base design over and over. I understand that the new norm is one that works, but how is it that the game has gotten to the point where there is only ONE ideal layout that can be effective against almost EVERY dragon?

The game has become stagnant and boring in that aspect, and does not allow for any creative individuality.

I don’t know if there is an easy fix, but it would be nice if something could be done to get rid of the cookie-cutter bases we see now.

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