A very helpful need at the event

PG pleas make team chat can also be in PVP events, it helps the team to communicate, so they don’t leave the event just to chat with the team and re-enter the event again, It’s so troublesome


For me, while this idea may not be so useful in higher &/or competitive leagues like let’s say Sapphire & up where players should be able to pull their own weights, lower leagues are technically & basically still part of the game balance so this should’ve been considered IMO a long time ago. Imagine how much time &/or rss you could save if communication is pretty much quick & accessible (within the team) in the events tab. PvPs are mostly a race to be the first in everything to reap the most points & benefits, communication gaps should never be an excuse towards that race to the top. :green_heart:


Oh it’s very annoying in high leagues too :joy:

Unfortunately I think it will be pretty hard from a technical perspective because events happen in the web view, and the chat is not part of that.


I’d love this option. My guess is pg can’t make it work because it’s been asked for many times over the years

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