A War Dragons Website (because hey why not lol)

I’ve been working on a small project and made a WAR DRAGONS website. This sites explains atlas, general gameplay, events, seasons, discord servers, etc. I am looking for some constructive feedback.
Special thanks to @NaughtyNaddyyy @Stormageddon @BlackRising @StrufordLugar @PhoenixHunter for the help. Couldn’t have done it without you all.


Is this meant as generic information than specific one?
Just reading the tower section, and got confused by Defense power, Supershot, and Special abilities.

Probably split the ability (passive, normal, supershot) for more detailed description.


Ok thanks for the suggestion. I may do that as now rereading, it does sound repetitive :joy:


Source code pls! :slight_smile:

Edit: No repo? nws: u used gogole sites:)

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I would suggest, to use high resolution pictures on your website. For example the primarch section, all of them are screenshots. And if u made them bigger, it looks awefull.

I did similar projects in past, with differen base builder websites, and info websites for different languages. Its easier for u if u just download the game apk, and extract it. There are so many good quality pictures, u can use. Even for primarch and stuff. And I dont think that PG would say anything against it, cause u doing it for community.


Alrighty, thanks for the suggestion. Ill try to reupload the photos.

It’s pretty well-organized :slightly_smiling_face:

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I can’t remember the source codes or find them :grimacing: :grimacing:sorry

Lol You’re welcome :wink:

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oh haha I thought you meant source codes for the images or something. oops

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