A YES or NO question for PG about Mogorot

Is Mogorot getting a buff this season?
If so when and what is being plan?

All players who are unhappy with this dragon, please help get PG answer on this by tagging the mw with reply.


They all need a buff they are suck, I have never ever seen a single one of these season dragons get through a base apart from YouTube vids.


All I’ve seen is them saying they fixed a spells color and shape. …. In all honesty they’ve said they’ve extended vacation in all honesty maybe they should have thought about how long the vacation should have been and what 5hey should have focused on, all I gave to say is they seem to lack the ability to fix what’s broken the most. Besides if Zephyr could have gotten through bases outside of videos odds are Zephyr struggles most at endgame on most ends, so I have no idea if getting him is going to be another Narlyth mistake.

Closing this topic since this dragon is being discussed here.