Abandoned Bases

Hey everyone!

I hope this is the right place to ask. If not please let me know and I will post in the correct category.

I keep finding these seemingly abandoned bases. They have nothing on them, 8 Defense Power, no resources, not associated with a team or anything.

However, they have had to be active at some point (I assume, because the “players” have varying levels).

Does anybody know what is going on here? I attacked a couple out of curiosity and they still give xp. Can they be used as xp farms or will I get banned if I attack them too often?

Thank you for your advice!

All the best - Vae


You dont get banned for attacking anyone. Hit it as much as you like.

Some might be old test accounts, others might be banned accounts. Honestly I’ve always wondered myself. But do not worry about getting in trouble for hitting them


That sound great, thank you so much!

Don’t worry about; I mean they exist for a reason :man_shrugging::joy:

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well, they are convenient to gain xp without damage :woman_shrugging:

A very popular 0 towers base is Mrs Mercy, which many players still use today.

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I’ve never seen that one (yet). It’s a shame you can’t go looking for individual players.
I noticed however, that a lot them have duplicate names with just the numbers changing like mindytime84414 and mindytime27462. maybe I’ll find Mrs Mercy at some point too :slight_smile:

you can send msmersy mail to find the base


You could also make an alt account, never build more than 1 farm and mill, start upgrading both of them but dont claim them.


ah yes, I completely forgot about that! Thanks for jogging my memory :sweat_smile:

Interesting thought, might try that! Thank you!

The higher level ones are probably banned accounts. Hit away for as much xp as you want

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will do, thank you!

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