Abandoned war in game

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We had this war that we declared where all opponents left before the beginning. The war was cancelled and considered a tie. Even thought the score states that we win. Is this intended? I saw a previous post that is already closed that they were going to fix a situation like this


Same here. I think its crap.

If a team disbands after a war is declared one team should be getting a win. No where else is a forfeit considered a tie…

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Thanks for letting us know, MrsPacMan + CaptBuckRogers! I’ve sent this off to our team to investigate why wars are behaving like that.

I asked customer service, told me the war will still continue? :thinking:

Yes, that will be the case for now. On the backend, we will investigate the reasoning and update the functionality as necessary to be different in the future.

Sooooo the war will take place at the regular war time? Im confused

If the opposing team doesn’t exist in-game, the war will just tie like it mentioned on your screen.


Does this really mean that if the opposite team doesn’t exist anymore after war declaration the fallback is tie… I have never seen a tie in any competition when the opponent doesn’t participate…

I just try to think of a medieval battle field where 20K troops go home being sad because the opponent clan didn’t come to the battle, no one died a cruel death and the clan chief decides… “Sorry guys, it’s a tie…”


Pffft, pretty lousy clan chief then :joy: I would have called it a victory, not a tie. If the opponent is too scared to show up, they don’t deserve for the war/battle to be considered a tie.


But tie is the rule as it stands… :crazy_face:

Seems like the rule needs changing then :eyes:


The team MrsPacman and I declared on completely disbanded before the start of war (but after our teams declared on them). The team no longer exists.

I don’t know what support was talking about. The war doesn’t resume after its been declared a tie following the disbandment of a team.

The rule needs to change to provide a win for the declaring team. IF the other team wants to disband so be it, but I don’t understand why that should result in a tie.



Reminds me of a team back in the day. A team saw them at 49 and declared. Prior to war start, they systematically booted Every player and had them rejoin. War was cancelled because they did it to everyone on team. Was hilarious tbh.

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