Ability to gift Runes?

Was pondering an idea, maybe a possibility in the near future??

As we are able to gift food, lumber and gold- why not give the ability to gift Runes to team members?? I think that this would help out those riders who have no luck getting the desired Runes. I know for myself, that I have plenty just sitting there in storage that could be used elsewhere. I dunno- just an idea …

or possibly having the ability to fuse Runes with one another to make a whole new Rune all together. Make it like a lottery process … you don’t know what Rune you are getting until you fuse them kind of thing??


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hackers :woman_shrugging:t2:

actually, I have no idea if runes are a thing that can be hacked… never heard of it before

So you have a couple of ideas nested in here.

  • Gifting runes, like gifting anything else of any lasting value, is probably never going to happen.

    Not only is there a lot of potential for abuse, it discourages players from buying silver chests and pushing for rune/glyph rewards, and indirectly allows the gifting of rune dust.

    Plus, quite frankly, it screws over newer teams, because a player could join an older team, and be instantly gifted with full sets of legendary+ runes.

  • Being able to combine runes to make higher-level runes has been tossed around a bit, but nothing has ever really come of it.

    And it, too, would tend to devalue the higher levels of runes, since it’s a lot easier to find a few legendaries than a mythic, and that’s without getting into the exclusive, time-limited-and-mutually-exclusive exotic runes.

    And frankly, being able to make it a lottery would make the problem worse; you could then use those ballista runes for a chance at a good rune.

If PG would fix the chests, stuff like this wouldn’t come up.

Decide how many new runes a players should get each season and adjust the drops and cost of the chests accordingly, then get rid of the crappy lottery and let players decide how to spend their silver chests and which rune/glyph they want.


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