Ability to name troops 😁

We have the ability to name our dragons and riders. Can we please get the ability to name our troops? :pray:t3:

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I call DragonFood!

Sam1, Sam2, Sam3…


Why name them if you’re just sending them to slaughter?

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I’ve thought of Larry, Curly, Moe, and Bubba so far. :slight_smile:

You got 796 left to name in one batch! :t_rex:


Or maybe 1596…


Doomed, gonna die soon, oops

There are hundred thousand troop, you have ability to name them on excel

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Nope, Excel has a limit of about 64k

But how do you know if you revived Bill or Bob? Did Jeff make it home to his wife and kids?

How is Mr Sanderson healing up? What batch of trainees did Jimmy come from?


Maybe each 800 troops are named differently… not each 1 although if we could see what other people named their troops it would be awesome. :rofl::sunglasses:

Can you imagine the names? :joy:

I’ve been looking at the castle names. Creative to say the least :speak_no_evil:

But naming the troops would help us to understand their needs more :slight_smile:

Without names, it makes it easy to objectify them. I wanna treat them better than that


They need to be converted to Glory, they must seek Valhalla, WITNESS THEM!

They are men! Not objects!!!

Troops have rights and feelings :face_with_monocle:

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That’s mighty sexist of you, maybe some are women, they can fight too!

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That’s true. :thinking:

Now it’s twice as bad to be objectified :sob:

Poor poor troops. :sob::sob:

They’re all destined for death, they’re glory meat.

I send em out in Mass quantities to get goodies

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