Ability to test out our base layout

I’m not sure if this has been suggested in the past or not, if so I apologize.

But I think a cool feature would be to test out your base layout by being able to attack your own base and see what works best. I know it’s easy to say, “you can watch replays” and yada yada, but it would be cool to feel your base out yourself.

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It has been along with being able to attack teammates to try their bases as well. Cant remember where or when though. If I remember right it got a lot of support but nothing ever came of it.

Trying against team mates bases has been suggested multiple times if I recall correctly.

At one point there was a glitch where you could attack yourself if you managed to have your base bookmarked and you were team less. I think that glitch has been fixed though :woman_shrugging:t2:

I agree that it would be nice to test your own base and try out your team mates bases too.

Yep. It could work like the “pg xp bases” and maybe just give xp or give absolutley nothing in return. I’d be fine with either personally. I wouldn’t even care if I needed to use heal pots after each attack to do it.

Probably this option if PG made it work, since it’s for the purpose of strengthening base and flying skills. If they make it so no XP gain and also manage to make it so dragons used would have no heal times that’d be awesome.

And any used defensive and offensive items would be refunded too.


It would suck cuz it cant be defended anyone can beat a undefended base

Sir let me introduce you to abraxxas…


:joy: true

Wouldn’t be the same as flying so there wont be a real test of ur base at all, now if u want to do undefended they can make ur invader max xp regardless of level and use ur towers

Oh yeah if they made your base the invader base that would be nice too. I hate grinding that same generic atlas base for xp lol


My baby dragons would die horribly. My top 3 might struggle too :woman_shrugging:t2: Let’s not do that :sweat_smile:


Exactly, that would be a start. I’m cool with no xp since it’s just me testing out my base to see where I need improvements at. Along with not using up your heals and atk/df boosts

I feel you :joy::joy::joy:

I have a lvl 60 tower kill island and some pretty decent defensive gear. I know my top 3 (Pathox, UVS, and Fohmar) would probably be able to handle it undefended. Defended? Nope. Not happening with a single dragon.

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Me too Liz. I’d be screwed if I had to attack me for gold or XP.

I like invader just as it is :smile:


:smile: i think it be interesting

I’d be fine with that, just store your whole base and run egg missions with ember on your invader…

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Nope still possible.

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It is? Hmmm.

yeah thought of something similar to this. We have an attack button next to our teammates in chat but cannot attack them. Why not make it have a use? there would be no rss or xp involved just an attack on your teammates base for testing/ fun