Ability to trade Runes to team members - also posted in game play forum

Was pondering an idea, maybe a possibility in the near future??

As we are able to gift food, lumber and gold- why not give the ability to gift Runes to team members?? I think that this would help out those riders who have no luck getting the desired Runes. I know for myself, that I have plenty just sitting there in storage that could be used elsewhere. I dunno- just an idea …

or possibly having the ability to fuse Runes with one another to make a whole new Rune all together. Make it like a lottery process … you don’t know what Rune you are getting until you fuse them kind of thing??


Maybe don’t post things twice?



I understand that . Realized the suggestion forum further down as I continued to read the variety of forums. Thanks for the insight though :beer::beer:

Since you also opened the thread here:

I’m going to go ahead and close this one.