Ability to turn Graphics ON / OFF for dragons

Hey everyone , I am really frustrated with the spell graphics effects on Naja , I got her just last week dont know if other people encountered the same problem . Her shield + her healing spell make graphic overlaying on towers And u cant see them .

Example :

In the pic above there are 3 towers ; 2 in the back , the one on the right is an ice flak that u can see if you try hard , but also there is another flak under Naja’s magic circles covering it . This has made me be confident that I have killed towers while I run in atlas when actually I end up frustrated cause I have missed 1 tower not cause of my flying skills but cause the tower got hid . I consider this a big issue , there should be a turn off button in naja’s animation for spells or remove them . @PGGalileo I know you are receiving many tags lately , I would please you to inform @PGKharnyx who is responsible for the designs or someone else from the team .

I am not sure if other dragons have similar problems, but bring them on if there are .

Hope we get an official answer and solution to this asap .


No. Its pretty and YOU WILL LOOK AT IT!


Graphics where overdone not only on dragons, just like the red mage. There are so many situations where you really cant see the towers anymore or see which tower is which.


Graphics effects are definitely too much during defended runs. I agree with OP, there should be option to reduce graphics effects not only for dragon spells but also for defending tools in defended runs.


I agree with OP, even an option to enable a “watermark” spell graphic. I don’t know if I would want the graphic completely gone.


I find it very frustrating , happens very often , and I am not a bad flier

Happens to all of us to miss towers cause we cant see them. Its really a problem.


@PGGalileo please dont forget this thread

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