Able to save mail


I suggest a tab to move mail to the save folder you don’t want to fall off. Would be a huge would be a huge plus to keep track of friends. If they change there name you’ve lost them. Or to just keep mail you need to save. I’ve suggested this before but pg never took the hit very well. Instead of creating a new sky create a better mail system.


stalker? a real friend would constantly chat to keep track of the mail or remember the team name


How about even Xp base. Count the ways saving mail would benefit you. Don’t agree don’t need to comment a shitty remark. Just keep stepping


You can mail them and check your Sent folder. Keep stuff there. Usernames update and all. :t_rex:


I’ve had stuff scroll off and am constantly deleting things to make sure I keep some stuff at the top… maybe a pin feature that keeps things towards the top, under new/unviewed items.


he probably just want to “bookmark” someone forever and use that for his own purpose. I suspect it is going to be his favorite farm victim more than a friend.
sent mail get lost after a week or a month depend on how many mail you sent. my last sent mail is from sep 1st. that is like 2 months ago.
if they are really friend, line app or frequently mail would do the job

@Golliath1 you suggest so but I want to suggest not to because I dont like stalker. I dont need to comment, I want to


did I say this has already been suggested?
it doesnt seem to be a big problem as other that we have right now


Wow, so much negativity!

I would like to save messages too. Former teammates that I don’t talk to on a regular basis, would be nice to keep track of. People seem to change teams and names regularly, so we can’t just remember the team name. And that’s not stalking. I have plenty of irl friends I don’t talk to regularly either. But they’re easier to find :smile:

Also, important team messages would be nice to save. Sometimes there’s not time to swap between apps to read Line to check for the info. Other games can do this, why not this one :woman_shrugging:t2:


Or even add in the fact that sometimes you have important mails that run through your inbox or any mails you want to keep that are important to you. I would see that being very beneficial. As an officer on my team, I’m constantly getting mails about players going to be out of town, lack of WiFi access, etc. I would love a place to save those in the mailing system so I don’t forget important things.


Sadly if you’re someone like me who sends a lot of mail messages, the sent clears out with time and you can quickly lose a name or a message.


Then add them to group chat before they changed their name.


I would like this option as well, considering I get a lot of team mail that’s not really relevant to me and responses to me sending rss (thank you’s and such). A lot of the important mail I’ve tried to keep ends up getting deleted and I didn’t respond back so I don’t have them in my sent folder. I would also like to see team mail that I’ve been sent in the past (for example, I have a team that disbanded and everyone split up and there was a “goodbye” message from everyone – once I joined a new team it disappeared forever). A lot of teammates changed their name so I’m not able to find them again.


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