#AbolishCyberbullying: Raising Awareness

Time and time again, people have come here to complain about a player who nominally poses as a “bully” to them or to their team. Such cases have represented nothing but petulance and poor senses of organization. (I take accountability for my missteps as well; I don’t really like to err on the side of hypocrisy.)

But that’s not to disregard that some extremely vile undertakings have been committed on this very platform. Some of our community is very vulnerable (not sensitive, unless they very obviously are, but vulnerable), due to things such as age and disability.

There is a fine line between being blunt and sharp in how you assert yourself, and being a malevolent scourge bent on setting people’s perfect little utopian horizons ablaze, until little to nothing remains of it.

For years of time, one of the most notorious ruffians in this game was allowed to prowl the ominously dark War Dragons forests scot-free, wreaking havoc any chance he got, until the burden was finally uplifted (at least from the forums, which practically served as his primary hunting ground anyway).

There was also a hacker who made some buzz here at some point; if I recall correctly, he was threatening to hack multiple players’ accounts, mainly those of the faction members and anyone who tried to stand by them, before deciding to try hacking the game overall. One thing I remember out of that with full certainty is that he was sullen about his ban after being caught exploiting a resource hack… which isn’t very ironic.

We have seen previous reports of a couple of deaths as a result of maltreatment within the divisions of this game; some have been young, some may or may not have had some personal issues. We have seen relentless threats to personal lives based solely on game-related matters. (I’ve seen one example in a Line chat, FYI. I know it’s not optimal because it’s a third-party platform, but War Dragons still ties into it, if not at the very forefront of the issue.)

My first year as a returned player formerly retired due to rage-quitting (forgot password to old account, couldn’t retrieve, deleted game) was not very warm, and the following months were no better; considering my mental conditions and my life history, if I weren’t so determined not to let people who have no immediate access to me get me to crack, and if I weren’t so stubborn and argumentative when it came to defending myself, something could have went wrong. If I were the former version of myself, not quite toughened by life’s adversities, it probably would have been characteristic of an apocalypse.

We have received reports of a few minors (and a few majors) committing suicide because they weren’t treated fairly here. I’m sure that whether the victims were legal adults or juveniles, their families were extremely confused and distraught. I personally witnessed a parent have to explain in a group chat a while ago that they were the parent of the gamer, that their child had committed suicide, and then proceeded to demand answers from those involved; they seemed clueless in their expression, and the whole scenario was both a pity and an embarrassment to witness. Some people resort to games as a formula for escaping whatever adversities they may be facing in person, so to them, the inequity can tend to be exhausting; it comes to have been a hop out of one cesspool and a plunge into another, likely going on to produce inevitably catastrophic results.

This is a small but particularly stable community, so it’s easily controllable. Something has to be done about the negativity. The toils of the real world should have no room to pervade the atmosphere of a virtual game designed with the prime intention of having fun; unless you prefer to take a more nihilistic approach, there’s generally nothing fun about pretense. I stated at the beginning that there is a difference between bluntness and churlishness; a person has every right to be blunt in their expression, even toward an authority, but I think we all want the same type of environment here: a safe haven from all of the real world’s troubles and demanding obligations. That’s the experience that the community should be trying to foster.


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Ok sadly there is no retort to cyber bullies they don’t see this as a real place with any consequence that raises children not to respect real power so they mouth off to the wrong person on a plane and mike Tyson serves a two piece and then they wonder how a world
Exist with consequences truth of all this is we all have problems. And I agree this isn’t the place for them


Real world power isn’t something to respect since it’s corrupt and they don’t really care about us. But hey I am guilty of well maybe a lot when it comes to mouthing off for about a few years at least. Sometimes I am dumb though.




Can I say it?


Uh say what?

:disappointed: Nevermind. Tried to joke that I needed you to pull off some tikki takka with me, but that clearly failed… :sob:

Not blaiming you for that, btw. :grin:

I feel for y’all but lad like to put my 2 cents in plz
My opinion and belief is that if your being targeted and victimized and cyber bullied and all this is online it stands to reason that all’s yyou gotta do is remove yourself from the sites that are doing that stuff I mean really ppl your only a victim if you put yourself in the position to be a victim I’m sorry that ppl just can’t take control of they’re own destiny if you like being victimized then by all means put yourself in those places that afford you the most discomfort.

I’ve honestly never heard of the forums being cause for ending everything. Not saying it hasn’t happened, just that it’s news to me.

The solution at no point should be to top playing the game. There was a time a few years ago where I was trying to decide how to deal with a particular rough situation that was game related and when I asked someone outside the game for their advice, they said to stop playing. “All [I] gotta do” is stop playing a game that I’d been playing for years at that point and built strong friendships in, something I spent hours on every day and had fun with. “All” I had to do? No. That’s not an acceptable answer.


Whole heartly agree.
Theres has been many of times in the game where everything was just to much for me. Yeah leaving did cross my mind every time those hard things come up. But that little voice in my head tells me “dont walk away from a game you threw almost 7 years into playing.”

But ive learned taking a break from the game, for a day or two really helps. 24 to 48 hours where you turn off notifications for the game and any alerts that yell at you about your castle being attacked. Ive told the officers of the team i use to lead that id keep our officer LINE chat unmuted, if a problem came up where they could not physically solve for what ever the reason that they could still reach out to me. I wouldn’t log into the game but have them explain whats going on.


I thought that was the joke though you wanted me to say like “Say what”

But here’s the argument here whoever is a kid here doesn’t have full control over their emotions yet I can be emotional and I’m a little older now but hey age is still a number and I’ve seen some adults who don’t even act like adults here or heck even outside the forums. Children aren’t going to process just get out of their well enough because in general minds are kinda underdeveloped even if they are most likely teenagers. Not very professional at knowing this stuff but I can say without a doubt if someone is a teen you best not be to insensitive with them.

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So because people don’t have control over their emotions (which is about all I can gather from what you’re saying), then they need to leave the game if they perceive themselves being bullied and if they are a child? No. Again, I refuse to accept that as an answer.

People need to be held accountable for their words and the end result of those words. Yes, that’s not as “easy” as a victim “just” up and leaving a game that’s a huge part of their life, but they aren’t the ones that would need to be punished.


Quite frankly I treat everyone the same and don’t fluff pillows around people just because of age. In my experience it does more good to treat teens or (within reason) kids as equivalent members of society and not fragile little teacups.

All that to say, I don’t care if the person being spoken to the way that Jalen is talking about is a kid or not, nobody needs to be spoken to that way. This is not a special concessions given for certain ages thing.


:pensive: :pensive: This is deeply sad on multiple levels. There’s a lot that goes on to push a person to make a decision like that. Just wish others don’t contribute to someone’s pain by being unnecessarily unkind just because there’s a screen in the middle.

This is a big topic but the gist of it is simple; Words can be powerful, use them kindly.


… because you dont know what someone is going through that they dont show the world.

Sorry wasnt trying to be mean. But adding on to ypur sentence a bit


This isn’t just in gaming communities. :cry:
The digital world has distanced people in a way that a lot of people forget that there is an actual living person on the other side.
So they write hurtful and demeaning words that they probably would never use if they were facing that other person.

why? to vent; to feel like a bigger person; to show of; ??

We need to have respect for others!
We should practise what is the very good advice of avoiding writing anything when angry or upset. Or if you do, NEVER send it right away, but look at it again after an hour or 2 and rewrite what you now find to be to much. (and if you still feel angry…wait an additional hour or 2 and repeat)
It is amazing how ones perspective changes after a cool down period. :wink:


I come to these games with an understanding of a few things including escaping from real life stresses, knowing there will be other stresses in this game (but can easily walk away from without any recourse), learning and being strategic, etc.

So many other war games, I have seen some crazy things said to individuals to a point where it was very uncomfortable to read. I have been reading a lot on these forums and it seems a bit more controlled here when it comes to bullying. Sadly, getting to the root cause of suicide can be very difficult.

There are ways PG can support anti-bullying initiatives. Addressing a zero tolerance for certain hate speech, malicious intent, etc. it can be easily implemented. E.G. monthly in-game reminders for these initiatives, dedicating an area in the forums to discuss, report activity, ensuring the community has heighted awareness and count on the members/officers to watch for these activities, etc.

This is a war game, people will have exchanges of words but there should be a certain tolerance for these actions. If PG can implement controls and make it a standard that could be a good start.

The leaders/officers on my team have come from different games. We always had a community discord and we have actually removed and banned members from our alliances/social media the moment they incite some sort of hate or malicious intent to any of our members or other members from different alliances.

Some banter is fine and expected…but there is a way to sh** talk and be respectful at the same time.

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Our society is doomed if words in a game bother people.

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The best way to deal with cyber bullying is to call it out. Flagging cant really do that much, so if you see someone being rude for no reason to someone else, tell them thats wrong

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It’s not words in just a game, its harmful language whether its said to face or over wd forums.
You don’t know what’s going on on the other side of your screen. Act accordingly. Not a crazy or society-ending ask.